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It is All About Teamwork & Team Coordination!

The most important aspect for keeping a smooth functioning system at work comes down to good proactive team coordination. This is what MyAdvo thrives on.

In a very short time, MyAdvo has become a name synonymous with excellence in the field of legal-tech in India. Acquiring over 10,000 lawyers from over 60 cities and 500+ districts since September 2015 is a remarkable achievement for MyAdvo.

Over the course of time, MyAdvo has gained dedicated professionals under six teams namely:

  1. Tech Development

  2. Digital Marketing

  3. Backend Operations

  4. Operations (B2B & B2C)

  5. Sales

  6. Accounts & HR


It's the coordination between these six departments which makes it possible for MyAdvo to soar high. It's very important for each team to understand its goals and align their goals with the other teams.

This synchronicity with one another is what results in the successful execution of making legal simple for you. In the end, it's the team coordination that makes things work for any team or the whole organization.

How & Why?

Well, good teamwork is one of the most important and prime need for any company to run successfully. 

Each firm expects of having a dynamic team of a passionate, skillful and competent pool of personnel. 

In order to make the company stand in the top five or at least in the top 10 in respective industries. However, the real picture and scenario can be much more challenging.

Assembling a team is hard work, and keeping them coordinated even harder. Even the most specialized team can fall apart if not properly managed. For each team to be effective, MyAdvo HR hires a mix of the following people:

  1. Shaper – who generates ideas and has a clear view of how to make it work & get things done.

  2. Implementer – who looks for ways & methods to turn talk into action, by closing all loose ends.

  3. Coordinator – who manages the team dynamics to work effectively by supporting personal relationships, often in a leadership role.

  4. Researcher – who gathers all information from internal and external resources.

  5. Specialist – who has expert knowledge & experience and is good at critically assessing ideas and proposals before making strategic decisions.

However, to make this work, one needs to follow the right approach as well and this is what MyAdvo does. 

MyAdvo Approach & Tools for Teamwork

  1. All team keeps in sync with the Big Picture. We work with a clear, concise, and concrete goal following good planning and detailed orientation. Each team makes the required changes accordingly.

  2. We consider important to do a SWOT analysis for each team member and accordingly assign the key roles. Having members compete against each other will always prove detrimental to both the company's growth and employee's growth

  3. It's important to have good communication skills. This helps promote transparency, clarity, empathy, and respect to keep their team motivated and coordinated.

  4. Next important step is to master your planning. This means having all objectives in place, defining the timeline and resources necessary to reach them. 

  5. We don’t overdo team coordination. Since too much coordination can cost productivity, result in pointless meetings, long presentations, and disagreements between colleagues. This can thereby produce poor results.

We at MyAdvo know when to loosen the reins and give freedom to work around. Since team coordination isn’t always easy. There are so many challenges that we face, but the idea is to keep teammates working together smoothly.

Many obstacles and mistakes happen along the way, but we at MyAdvo keep learning from our errors. It helps us cultivate better strategies and in refining our approach both project wise and team wise. 

That's how we define the key responsibilities and performance indexes for each employee at MyAdvo.
We are making sure to offer you with our services in such a manner, that whenever you need legal, you think of MyAdvo!

Reviewed by:
Apeksha Pandita
Published on 12-Sep-19

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