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Working at MyAdvo Is a Chance for You to Grow!

A company is always the representation of their personnel and MyAdvo is proud to have acquired a team that works with perseverance and dedication.

“There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.” - Richard Branson, Virgin Group

The above quote resonates very well to show how MyAdvo has become one of the leading legal-tech firms in India.

Working in a legal-tech firm can be challenging, but fulfilling it gives a great feeling. That's what MyAdvo thrives on!

MyAdvo delves on the passion and commitment of its employees, who understand the goals of the company.

At MyAdvo, we know how important it is to make legal processes simple for you. 

To help you better, we constantly keep ourselves updated with the legal terms and educate you on the same. 

We make sure that you are provided with an unambiguous and clear advice at all times. Be it from the end of MyAdvo Case Manager or from your selected lawyer. At MyAdvo, we rest only after resolving your legal problems.

Here, each employee is heard and encouraged to be vocal since every idea counts. Every employee holistically benefits their own growth and that of MyAdvo’s in fulfilling the goals.

We work with the singular aim of making legal simple for you. Each department at MyAdvo defines both short-term goals and long-term goals to progress. 

Defining the Company Culture at MyAdvo

Coming up with new strategies to widen MyAdvo's reach and base of lawyers, 3Cs play a vital role - Communication, Creativity & Commitment. 

These three pillars of MyAdvo are the reason behind the running success of the company and, the strong points of each employee here. 

MyAdvo is a subtle combination of flexibility and discipline, where each employee here works with an open mind. You are encouraged to keep your horizons wide open while facing criticism. 

Since a corporate culture gives a company its personality and defines the working values, similarly MyAdvo has developed the way our company interacts with the internal public and the external public. 

Our work culture constantly inspires and motivates its employees. Therefore, each employee acts as a guiding source, as the management constantly mentors at every step. 

Ensuring to provide its personnel with a happy and productive work environment, MyAdvo keeps collecting complaints or feedbacks employees consistently. 

For any organization, it's important to know how your employees describe their work-place and how well they understand the details about the business. 

The team at MyAdvo is always working towards establishing a strong company culture.


It aims to make MyAdvo a mix of fun and nurturing work environment.

  • By making the employees resilient to challenges

  • Ensuring clarity of purpose

  • Pump-up the employees to remain committed to excellence

Here we make sure to maintain a healthy environment in the office throughout. Constant checks are performed to see that no "office politics" is taking place. There is no partiality between people within a team or the company. 

MyAdvo knows that a code of conduct needs to be maintained to align individual goals with company goals.

  • We look to establish a spirit of commitment and trust within the organization. 

  • Ensure proper behaviour and mindsets of the employees towards their work, coworkers and clients. 

We know it takes a lot of effort, but we are all set to keep it like this.


To know more about MyAdvo, keep following us & stay updated on everything legal!

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Apeksha Pandita
Published on 13-Dec-18

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