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Get your marriage registered to give it legal recognition. Marriage certificate in India is conclusive proof of your marriage and is issued after the marriage is registered. At MyAdvo, we will help you get your marriage registered certified through an expert professional. The page consists of the following information:

  • Marriage Registration Procedure

  • Online Marriage Registration

  • Documents Required for Marriage Registration

  • Marriage Certificate Application & Forms

  • Marriage Registration - FAQs

Steps Involved in Registration of Marriage

Questionnaire and Requirements

We will provide you a questionnaire/ checklist of documents to capture your details. Our Marriage Registration Expert will then connect with you within a business day to understand your requirements.

Application Drafting

Based on your responses, an application for registration of marriage will be drafted and shared with you for your review and approval.

Dispatch of documents

You will then send the signed copy of the application along with required documents to us via courier.

Documents Verification

Upon receipt of documents, we will vet and verify all your documents.

Submission of Application

OurMyAdvo’s Marriage Expert will submit the application and documents at the office of the Marriage Officer (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) within any of the following three jurisdictions:

  • Where the husband resides
  • Where the wife resides
  • Place of solemnisation of marriage; 

The expert will then request for a date convenient to you, to register the marriage and get the marriage certificate.

Registration of marriage

On the stipulated date, our Expert will accompany you, your spouse and two witnesses (who attended your marriage) to the office of the Marriage Officer to get the marriage registered.

Marriage certificate

Upon registration of marriage, your marriage certificate will be issued.

Marriage Registration Procedure

Step 1: Approach the office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, under whose locale the marriage occurred or where both the partners remained for somewhere around a half year before the marriage. 

Step 2: Appointment - In the case of the Hindu Marriage Act, the appointment must be fixed within 15 days of the request,  and in the case of Special Marriage Act, it may take as long as 60 days.  

Step 3: Witness - Any individual who has shown up at the marriage registration of the couple can and will be the witness and must have a legitimate PAN Card and a Proof of residence. 

The procedure to register your marriage seems easy but the details and intricacies can be tricky as it requires one to understand the legal procedure, as well as pay multiple visits to various government offices. If you want to register your marriage seamlessly, you can contact us at MyAdvo. We will provide you with all the necessary help and assistance and make the process hassle free for you.

Online Marriage Registration

You can also register your marriage by applying for your marriage certificate online by following some very simple steps as following;

Step 1: Select your district and continue ->Fill in husband’s details and choose “Registration of Marriage Certificate”->Fill in Marriage Certificate form and choose the date of appointment->Click “Submit Application”

Step 2: After registration, you would receive a number printed on the acknowledgement slip and the corresponding application form is complete. Take a printout of acknowledgement slip as well as the application form.

Purpose of Marriage Certificate

A Marriage Certificate is basically an official document that establishes the conjugal/married status of a couple. It is very significant, and useful in giving legal married status to the couple as well as for allied purposes like acquiring a passport, opening a bank account, changing one's original last name, and applying for a salary certificate, in addition to other things. A marriage certificate is basically the lawful proof of marriage.

Required Documents

Required from Husband and Wife

  • Application form signed by both husband and wife
  • Address proof of both husband and wife (photocopy of any one of the following will suffice: Voter ID card, Ration card, Passport, Driving License)
  • Proof of Date of Birth of both husband and wife (photocopy of any one of the following will suffice: Class 10 Certificate, Passport, Birth Certificate, Voter ID card)
  • Passport size photographs of both husband and wife
  • Photographs of Marriage
  • Marriage Invitation Card
  • Separate Affidavits of husband and wife stating place and date of marriage, date of birth, marital status at the time of marriage and nationality.

Required from Two Witnesses (who attended the marriage)

  • Identity proof (photocopy of any one of the following will suffice: Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter ID card, Ration card, Passport, Driving license)
  • Proof of Residence (photocopy of any one of the following will suffice: Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, Driving license, Passport, Ration card, Electricity bill, Water bill, Gas bill, Telephone bill, Rent agreement)

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