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We Are Always Improving & Perfecting Things!

We at MyAdvo believe that legal terms can be presented in a better and simpler manner. This is what we keep striving to achieve and make it possible for you. To know how? Read on!

Since we believe in offering our clients with end to end services at MyAdvo, we make sure that from the beginning of your problem till the end solution, we are there with you and for you. 

As each client has different situations and legal requirements, therefore, the same application cannot work with everyone. 

That’s why to cater to different needs of the clients, every MyAdvo Case Manager is assigned to deal with your case specifically till you find the right lawyer.

Once you have selected the lawyer matching your requirements, then a price is fixed which doesn’t waver throughout the case. 

You are offered with a fixed negotiation, lasting the end of your case and also, you are provided with thorough assistance from MyAdvo’s end. 


Each case manager assures that you are provided with timely case updates, such that you remain hassle-free. This is what makes MyAdvo stand out in its client servicing!
With MyAdvo you are offered a list of lawyers over 10,000 from over 500 districts and 60+ cities and each lawyer is handpicked for their expertise in different domains.

From top lawyers to famous lawyers in the city and around your proximity, are enlisted with MyAdvo. We make sure to onboard lawyers on the basis of their experience, expertise and success rates and offer you with their access.

After all, we understand how important it is for you to have the right lawyer assisting beside you on your case. 

Thus, each advocate on MyAdvo has at least 10+ years of experience and has a great hold of the case requirements in their domain. 

Our “lawyer finding process” is very simple in fact. 
Once you come to our website with your problem, our case managers connect with you shortly.

We find all the lawyers in your proximity who can address your case properly and try to match each of their services with your legal concerns. 

Accordingly, few of the lawyers are shortlisted out of many. Then, the best-suited choice of a lawyer is allotted to your case.

In case, you find him/her not suitable, then you can replace them and repeat the process till the most-suitable lawyer to represent is found.

To sum it up, we keep your requirements above everything and make sure that all the information you may require on legal is simplified either through blogs or our news section

Each legal term is defined for you in simpler language, such that you can comprehend and understand every little thing that may affect your case directly or indirectly. 

After all, MyAdvo believes in transparency and executes in every stage. This is something that not every legal-tech platform can guarantee, but we can. 

So, next time when you think of legal - think of MyAdvo!

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Apeksha Pandita
Published on 12-Sep-19

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