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Writing a few opinion pieces don't make you a legal expert. But if you are an expert, written words can amplify your reach. It helps establish you as a thought leader in your domain.

Have a great case story? Want to share an expert advice with the world? Or have an expert commentary on a court judgement or law which the world should know?

Your post at MyAdvo platform is read by the right sets of eyes. Our guest post opportunity is not for everyone. We are not here to sell backlinks or publish an article just for the sake of having one.

A well-researched, thoughtful, and in-depth post is welcomed and we ensure that it reaches a significant number of readers.

What's in it for you?
  • Your post can reach 1000+ readers per week
  • Selected blogs/articles are mailed to our 10000+ strong lawyer community
  • It helps you establish your brand, thought leadership and reputation
  • It's a long term sustainable impact
  • Stand among the competitive domain as an expert
What We Look for:
  • Relevant, well-researched content with zero plagiarism
  • 100% original content that’s unpublished elsewhere
  • Do not insert any irrelevant promotional links
  • You are encouraged to add relevant images to illustrate your point. Just try and avoid copyrighted images

We look forward to some great write-up!

Writing Guidelines

The following guidelines must be followed in order for your submitted legal news/blogs to be published on MyAdvo website and/or its distribution medium.

MyAdvo accepts blogs/content on a variety of topics, legal matters, and even political commentary. However, certain guidelines do apply:

  1. Slander – Content that include slanderous or libelous statements will be rejected
  2. Cases – If a particular case is the topic of your blog, you must include the case name and court in which it is filed
  3. Truth – Statements in all blogs must be accurate
  4. Sources – If you cited a statement from another news publication, you must link to or mention that source in the footer of your write-up
  5. Politics – Political commentary is allowed in content on MyAdvo. However, comments must be attributed to a person or company statement in a quote within the release and cannot be part of the general news release content. Conspiracy theories, absurd speculation, or anything that could be interpreted as inflammatory political discourse is not allowed
  6. Reputation Destruction – Any content/write-up that is written with the obvious intent of harming another person or company’s reputation will not be accepted
  7. We recommend content word count of 1500-2500 words, in .docx or .doc format (Microsoft Word)
  8. The author of the submissions shall be given due credit on the page it is published on
  9. The write-ups must be solely written by the author. Co-authorship is not allowed
  10. You are fully responsible for the content you submit

Your submissions should be emailed to

Disclaimer: MyAdvo has the sole copyright for all submissions. It reserves the right to modify, alter or use the submissions in whatsoever format/nature as is suitable