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Recovery of Money: Legal Remedies and Requirements

You would have faced a situation where another person or company has failed to repay for services/ products already received. To recover your money, MyAdvo will help you file a ‘summary suit’ for recovery of money through an expert debt recovery lawyer.

Before filing a suit for recovery of money, sending a legal notice to the defaulting party serves as a final warning to clear the outstanding payment. In case the dispute is still not resolved, you should then file the case. To send a legal notice first, click here.

Steps involved in filing a Summary Suit for Recovery of Money
Document Verification
You will be required to send scanned copies of documents pertaining to the financial transaction for verification by a lawyer.
Petition Drafting
The petition will be drafted and shared with you for review and approval within 4 working days of receiving the documents.
Sending Petition Copy
Once you approve the draft, the lawyer will print the complaint on legal size paper and send it to you for your signatures. You will have to send signed copy of the complaint to the lawyer along with the required documents.
Petition Filing
The lawyer will file the petition in Court within 3 working days of approval of the draft.
Admission Hearing
The lawyer will make preliminary arguments on your behalf and get the petitioner admitted.

The debtor will file a reply to your petition.


The Court will conduct hearing and listen to arguments in the matter to verify if the debtor should be granted an opportunity to defend his case.

Defense Opportunity & Decision

Defense Opportunity Allowed

  • Arguments and examination of evidence: In special circumstances, the Court may allow the debtor to defend the suit. In this case, the Court will hear arguments from the lawyers of both parties and examine the evidence presented before it.
  • Decision by court: The Court will state its decision by delivering a judgment.


Defense Opportunity Denied

  • Decision by court: In case the Court refuses to grant the debtor an opportunity to defend the suit, it will straightaway deliver its judgment in the matter.
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