Legit Helping you with your legal hassles!

Legit - your Litigation Management Tool is the most comprehensive & easy-to-use product in the market.
We provide features like Case Updates, Secured backups, Database for documents and so much more!

Easy-To-Use Litigation Management Tool

Legit helps you manage your multitude of legal cases most efficiently! Loaded with features, capabilities, analytics and reports that other case management systems do not have, Legit is a state-of-the-art case management software! Legit assists you manage your legal cases by facilitating matter management, case updates, document backup & cloud-based database to maintain details, helping you make your team more efficient!

Legit is aimed at facilitating management of Legal Services for Companies with multiple legal matters as well as Lawyers & law-firms to ensure efficient functioning of their teams.

  • Manage all your legal matters.
  • Assign tasks to your team
  • You can generate and track invoices, bills & payments
  • Helps you in cost management
  • Secure all your legal documents and details on our Cloud-based server
  • Maintain your online legal office
  • Get case updates, notifications, alerts
  • Receive calendar updates, case hearing dates, etc
  • Enables multiple attorneys to work on the same case at the same time
  • Assign tasks to your team, take updates
  • Generate invoices and client bills, payment tracking, costs & expenses

  • Manage Your Legal Matters

    • Manage your cases
    • Facilitates your document management.
    • Create, read & share case notes
    • Secure cloud-based and private-server based management

    Manage Your Finances

    • Overlook & Analyse your expenses
    • Automate your invoice through the tool
    • Calculate & budget your litigation costs & expenses
    • Secure and convenient Finance management

    Maintain Your Office Online

    • Manage your team & their performance
    • Manage & assign tasks to yourself and your team
    • Get alerts and update notifications
    • Secure server and cloud based database

    Easy-To-Use Litigation Management Tool

    Legit helps you build a better practice and manage your cases