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This Is How It's Done at MyAdvo!

This is how we get it all done! MyAdvo team follows the belief of working hard together to deliver you with an access to information of lawyers and legal support at one space in one go. Find out about how we work below.

MyAdvo is one of the sought-after legal-tech platforms in India, providing you with the access to information of lawyers near you like experience, location, contact details, the field of expertise, etc.


MyAdvo acts as a legal directory to clients and assures to match their requirements with the attorneys in India. With a team of 60+ dedicated professionals in the field, MyAdvo has its services spread across 500+ districts and over 60 cities in India.


Each employee adds their experience and knowledge in the growth of this company working towards the goal of “making legal simple in India”.


We know that legal language can be difficult to comprehend, this is where our case managers step in. At MyAdvo, we seek legal opinion and advice from experienced and well-established lawyers, so that it is relatable and simplified for you.


Discovering the new opportunities in the legal field, we celebrate the strengths of the company and pay good attention to the weak points from the constant feedback we receive from your end.


At MyAdvo, you are provided with a flexible environment as an employee to expand the horizons of your knowledge and skills, whereas, as a client, you are catered to utmost amenability in understanding the core details of your case and connecting you with the most-suitable lawyer in the town.


MyAdvo explains the entire process to you bit by bit and ensures, that any legal query, confusion or advice doesn’t remain unheard. At MyAdvo, you are welcome with friendly faces, considerate arms and helped with a diligent mind.


It’s our philosophy to make sure that you are getting the best hands-on service to satisfy all your legal needs. For which a healthy work environment is much required.


  • Everyone at MyAdvo has a go-getter attitude and a lively persona.

  • Empathy is the key point that sets apart the case managers of MyAdvo.

  • We are results oriented and each one is heard here.

  • The teamwork is the driving force behind MyAdvo’s growth up until now.

  • Each delivers what they are accountable for.

  • All work and no play can’t happen here when the work environment is so pumped up.

  • Each team has short-term goals & long-term goals planned out to meet the objectives & aims of the company.

Keep following us, to know more about MyAdvo and stay ahead in legal…


Reviewed by:
Apeksha Pandita
Published on 29-Nov-18

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