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MyAdvo has a base of 3000+ expert divorce lawyers pan India categorised as per location and experience. You simply have to choose your city and get a curated list of top divorce lawyers in India. Get assured services from best lawyers with 24*7 support service from MyAdvo team.
Multiple factors ought to be considered while engaging a divorce lawyer including their expertise, knowledge, experience, etc. is here to your rescue - we provide you a quick and easy way of hiring experienced divorce lawyers in Bangalore when dealing with tough issues like child custody, alimony, domestic violence, dowry demands which inevitably come up during divorce proceedings. Use to file or defend divorce case in India. Start by simply speaking to our case manager at +919027217218!

A divorce can be emotionally and financially tiring. MyAdvo will look after your hassles of hiring and dealing with a divorce lawyer, ensuring you engage a top divorce lawyer! The amount you pay is exclusive of different expenses like court fee, lawyer’s fee, notarization, documentation charges that might include photocopy etc.

With all the hierarchy and jurisdictional issues, you might forget a few rules to remember while deciding where to file your divorce in India. A divorce case can be filed by one spouse in any of the courts having jurisdiction over the area: 

  • Where the marriage took place.
  • Where spouses used to reside together.
  • Where the other spouse is residing.

The process for divorce depends upon the type of divorce you choose to go ahead with. If you and your spouse decide to have a mutual divorce, then you can file a mutual divorce application through a Best divorce lawyer in India! If you want to end your marriage but your spouse does not agree to get a mutual divorce or vice versa, or the grounds cannot be agreed mutually you can file a contested divorce application based on any of the 7 grounds for divorce and the court will notify your spouse. After hearing both the parties, the court will give its decision. 
The most common question asked is whether you need separate divorce lawyers in India or you can hire a common lawyer in India in your mutual divorce? The answer is simple- you can hire a common divorce lawyer in India. However, it is recommended that you proceed with separate divorce lawyers who can give you an unbiased advice.