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MyAdvo Makes You Stand Confident as a Professional

We at MyAdvo help you develop and grow as a professional, making sure that you stand tall and confident in all walks of life. The company culture is meant to influence in the holistic growth and success of employees since a company is made of its people.

"Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO, GE

Any company has its reputation and growth based on the people they hire. This is where MyAdvo believes to input most as well. After all, a company's major strength is the employees.

Each one here works with a diligent effort and helps the other grow. However, what might come to your mind is - How is hiring done at MyAdvo?

Well, this is where MyAdvo promotes its aim and vision before gauging the prospective employee's potential and skills.


MyAdvo has been working with a singular aim of promoting legal knowledge and help all through. Here we make sure to offer you with the best-suited lawyers and legal advice, to sort out your legal problems.

MyAdvo understands that in India, finding a good lawyer is much like finding a needle in a haystack. However, to improve this probability, many legal-tech firms have come up in India; amongst which MyAdvo leads the list.

But what makes this possible?

MyAdvo has a hiring process that follows a traditional concept. Here, we require you to have a good know-how of your expertise area.

This process begins with:

  • shortlisting candidates from various job portals

  • contacting them via telephone

  • a telephonic interview confirms selection for next round

  • finalization of date for a personal interview (PI)

  • this PI round happens in three stages with three heads of authority:

    1. Meeting the HR
    2. Meet with the Department Manager
    3. Meet the CEO/Founders

The hiring process then ends with a background check. This allows us to have a peep into the working style and functionality of the person. Hereby, we can even judge elaborately about a candidate's potential.

After conducting a face-to-face interview, the HR tries to understand the confidence appeal. Also, how well-suitable are you for adapting to the work environment. 

Whereas the Manager of every department looks into the skills and experience the candidate has. Thereby, assessing the potential that he/she can tap into.

The CEO & Founders of the company, in the end, look at the overall adaptability and identify the main points where the prospective employee appears to be a valuable resource. 

MyAdvo aims to help the employee progress as much as possible. Along with that, the person contributes to the growth of the company as well.


When you tap into someone’s potential and garner their interests, you tend to release their greatest motivations on the job. By doing so, they’ll do much of the work on their own time even.

At MyAdvo, each Manager first steps up to help clear the goals both on a short-term basis and long-term basis. For many employees, it's a first job or a first-hand experience with a legal-tech company. Thus, it's possible they may not have a great answer ready. 

However, they may even be afraid to share their goals if it doesn’t align with their current job. This is where MyAdvo steps in to make sure that the Manager of each Department can help them do so.

One of the most motivating conversations a Manager can have with a team member is about that employee’s goals.

Not company KPIs.
Not the next project or their roles & responsibilities.
But their goals.

As in, at what place does the employee see themselves at next!

To get a good honest conversation going MyAdvo Team Managers follow this:

  1. Each Team Manager invests in time to get to know each other more. From passions to hobbies, to pass-times, to what drives them in life. In short, trying to open them up.

  2. Every Manager will make sure to instil faith in their employees. They will even tell them about how their career success matters to you, which will thereby increase loyalty.

  3. Reciprocity Principle. This means, if you trust your employees by sharing your goals, they are more likely to share their goals. If someone isn’t ready to talk about their goals, we don’t force it. In fact, time-to-time, the Managers revisit this discussion.

At MyAdvo, we intend to help you grasp strongly on your roots. As we help you ascend fruitfully in the future off-shoots of your career. It takes time and a lot of effort, but we at MyAdvo know, how much an employee matters!

To know more about MyAdvo, keep following us & don't miss out on our updates!

Reviewed by:
Apeksha Pandita
Published on 12-Sep-19

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