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It is All About the Cultural Fit Here!

When you research about jobs, it all comes down to company culture for both the employees and the company. It's an important aspect in MyAdvo as well, where we are constantly working on the cultural fit. Read our aspect on the same below!

In the earlier post, we talked about teamwork and team coordination. To establish that the candidate needs to be assessed whether he/she fits into the company culturally or not.

So, what do you mean by Culture Fit?

The candidate whose values, beliefs, outlook, and behaviour are in sync with those existing within the current organization, then, he/she is likely to be a good cultural fit for the organization.

Cultural fit is an important aspect of the success and contribution of the employees you bring onboard.

An employee who is a good cultural fit works well in the existing work environment and ensures their success within your organization


Increasingly, this concept has gained importance. It's an important variable for employers, where they can target, teach and develop skills of right employees over time.

It has helped pave the way for companies to start exploring below-the-surface hiring areas. A good cultural fit means the employee will be less stressed at work, likely to reduce poor performance and turnover.

At MyAdvo, we understand and value the relationship between workplace and worker. Much of it relies on the key benefits to having a good cultural fit between employee and employer. These benefits include:

  • Satisfaction: It's one of the most immediate points that any employee looks for. He/she tries to fit well culturally at a company. We believe that if an employee finds the work environment satisfactory, then they're happier at work.

  • Performance: That happiness is likely to lead to several motivators for the employee. As they fit well, so they’re likely to be more confident in their work and will strive to work harder. In the process, employees here achieve more. 

  • Commitment to Company: Once an employee fits culturally, he or she identifies that as part of their experience. Therefore, increasing the chances of employees to remain committed to MyAdvo.

However, there are a few things that we are still trying to balance out. These are as follows:

  • To reduce stress: A big problem with rewarding startups is stress! It affects a number of areas in the employee's life from both work performance to socializing with other employees. 

  • To reduce attrition: If an employee is happy and fits where he/she is, they’ll be less likely to change job. We are focussing more on finding candidates who will fit the MyAdvo culture and align with the workforce. Ensuring that the candidate will work hard and will remain committed to the company, with less motivation to leave.

Investing in assessing candidates for cultural fit to your company, benefits both the candidate & company in the long run.

Cultural fit determines the happiness of employees and spike an increase in performance and reaffirm commitment.

So if you are looking for a company which enhances you holistically, well you can count on MyAdvo! All you need to do is explore your opportunities here

Else, if you are fighting a legal battle and need lawyer consultations then visit MyAdvo today!

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Apeksha Pandita
Published on 09-Sep-19

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