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Breaking: Approach Police for Security in Polygamy Challenge - SC Says

The recent decision has granted the liberty to the petitioners who have challenged the practices like Polygamy and Nikah Halala to ask for the police security and compensation if required.

On Monday, 17th September 2018, The Supreme Court has come out with a  new sight of relief for the Muslim Women as well as for the women facing the issue of polygamy by the husband.

Polygamy in simpler terms means a man having more than 1 wife.

The recent decision has granted the liberty to the petitioners who have challenged the practices like Polygamy and Nikah Halala to ask for the police security and compensation if required.

Nikah Halala is the practice where, if the husband and wife feel like their divorce or separation should have not taken place and they want to continue with their marriage, the women have to go through the process of marrying another man, consummating the marriage and then divorcing him accordingly to go back to the previous husband.

This process only shows the bad condition of a Muslim woman. Though this process is followed in the few sects of the Sunni Muslim, this situation somehow depicts discrimination in the laws as well.

The order was passed by the bench of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice DY Chandrachud, in the matter that was brought before the court in which the petitioner became the victim of the acid attack for filing the petition.

The situation in the present matter shows the need of protecting the woman who first suffers from the situations like polygamy and then their life is not secured.

Keeping in consideration the issue of security of the petitioner who challenged the practises like polygamy and Nikah Halala, The court ordered that petitioners are at liberty to submit an application with the Superintendent of Police of their respective areas for providing security to them. Also, if there is any compensation scheme, it should also be given to the petitioner within a period of 2 weeks of the submission of the application for protection and security as well as for compensation.

With the passage of such a decision, there would surely be a sense of security in the general public.

People would become much aware of the laws and there would be comparatively fewer cases of such incidents.

With the help of a divorce lawyer, the person can approach the court, if they have been deprived of security from the police.

Also, you can consult a civil lawyer in the matters relating to marriage or where there is a need for filing an interim application.

Such regulations would surely improve the condition of the women in India.

Compliance with these orders is the responsibility of the State  Government and any kind of delay will be taken up with strict actions against the respective authorities.


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Jyoti Yadav
Published on 18-Sep-18

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