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What's the procedure to lodge a for through district magistrate and how much it cost?

A girl named shyamala cheated me for beating her one of her relations. So she conspired against me as loving and put me in trouble. A police officer named srinivasan beat me to bloodshed. I gave a complaint to SP but at B2 Vishnu Kanchi police station SI and srinivasan beat me and forced to sign the apologising letter where they wrote all mistakes are on us.
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Criminal Law
Posted on 24th Aug, 2018
Advocate Sreejith
Answered on 17th Mar, 2019
It's assumed that you intent to lodge FIR through Judicial Magistrate. District Magistrates are usually Collectors in most of the States. There is no provision to lodge FIR through District Magistrates under CrPC. Whereas, FIR can be lodged u/s 190 r/w 156(3) of CrPC by giving a written complaint to Judicial Magistrate having jurisdiction.
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