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MyAdvo is on a mission to create a transparent legal environment for the citizens of India! Often, a common man might get stuck in legal procedures without having any actual knowledge of the law. Through our 24*7 assistance, you can be rest assured that you shall talk to consumer protection lawyers in the industry for your case. Get access to more than 400+ best consumer protection lawyers in Mumbai to get right consumer protection legal guidance for your consumer dispute.

The cost to file a consumer protection case in Mumbai either filed in a consumer forum or a civil court would  vary from case to case . 

Drastically reduce your budget on consumer protection case by hiring the top consumer protection lawyers through MyAdvo. It is very difficult to find the best consumer protection advocates in a metropolitan like Mumbai who won’t charge absurdly high prices which is why MyAdvo offers top consumer protection lawyers that suit every pocket!

Consumer Protection Law has established various courts at different levels to cater to the needs of consumers. Consumer Forums set up at the District, State and National level are approached to file complaint against faulty products, faulty services, medical negligence or false advertisement. To determine which consumer court is best for your case, you have to find out the value of the property or service, availing which your rights were violated, involved in the case.
Where the value of the case is less than Rs. 20 lakhs, you can approach the following consumer district forums in Mumbai-
Additional Thane District Forum
Central Mumbai District Forum
Mumbai Suburban District Forum
Mumbai Suburban Additional District Forum
South Mumbai District Forum

If the value of the disputed property, goods or services is more than Rs. 20 lakhs but less than Rs. 1 crore, then you can directly approach Maharashtra State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

In case, where the value of goods and services involved exceeds Rs. 1 crore, then you can approach National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission which is located in New Delhi.
You can also file a civil case at a district court of Mumbai but it will be a lengthy and costly procedure which is not generally recommended in the case of consumer protection. To provide ease to consumers, these consumer forums were established. As a result of proceedings, the forum may compensate the damages to the complainant consumer. The manufacturer who has provided faulty products or services will be liable to pay damages. Get legal advice from consumer protection lawyers to determine the correct valuation of your consumer case.

If your consumer rights have been violated and you have been a victim of consumer fraud, then you can file a consumer protection case in Mumbai. The procedure is very simple. Consult to top consumer protection lawyers in Mumbai to determine is your case is substantial. Cases related to faulty products, faulty services, medical negligence and false advertising generally fall under consumer protection laws in India. After determining the case, you have to file a written complaint to the appropriate Consumer Forum in Mumbai.
At this stage, you must keep in mind to attach any document that might be relevant to your case. As a consumer you must be aware of your rights so if a dispute arises in future, you can easily establish the facts.

Now, a legal notice shall be sent to the service provider or the product vendor/ manufacturer who has violated your consumer rights to give a one month’s time to rectify his mistake. The other party might offer settling the consumer case out of court at this stage. However, you’re empowered to decide if you want to proceed with litigation in Consumer Forum or settle the case without initiating court proceedings.