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Hiring an advocate through word of mouth has proven to be disastrous in majority of cases, which is why MyAdvo provides transparency through displaying lawyer profiles that hold genuine information relating to the experience, specialization of lawyer, fee of the lawyer and reviews from clients.

If you want to Consult to top consumer protection lawyers in Kolkata, you simply have to log on to our website and select your preferred location from the drop down menu. MyAdvo offers an efficient service at reasonable prices!

The approximate cost of a consumer protection case in Kolkata if filed in a consumer forum would  vary from case to case. If the same case is filed at a civil court, the cost would  vary from case to case! Reduce costs on filing consumer protection cases by hiring the best consumer protection lawyers in Kolkata only through MyAdvo. Consult a case manager to determine the exact valuation of your consumer protection dispute.

To file a complaint against faulty products, faulty services, medical negligence or false advertisement, you can approach the following courts based on the amount of product or service involved. The law provides for three types of courts which are especially made for the protection of consumers in district, state and national level. Where the value of the case is less than Rs. 20 lakhs, you can approach the Kolkata Unit - I and II District Forum.

If the value of the disputed property is more than Rs. 20 lakhs but less than Rs. 1 crore, then you can approach the West Bengal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.
In case, where the value of goods and services involved exceeds Rs. 1 crore, then you can approach National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission which is located in New Delhi.
Talk to consumer protection lawyers to determine the correct valuation of your consumer case.

Consumer is the kingpin of the market and protection of consumer rights made sure by enacting Consumer Protection Act which also lays down the procedure to file a consumer case at the appropriate court. The procedure is simple, you just have to hire best consumer dispute lawyer in Kolkata and submit a written complaint to the District, State or National Consumer Forum, depending upon the value of the services, goods or property involved in the case.

The case is filed at the appropriate court which holds jurisdiction. You can also file a civil case at a district court or High Court of Kolkata but it will be a lengthy and costly procedure. To provide ease to consumers and to avail speedy justice, consumer forums were established at every level. As a result of proceedings, the forum may compensate the damages to the complainant consumer. The manufacturer who has provided faulty products or services will be liable to pay damages.