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What is Cyber Crime in India & How to File Cyber Crime Complaints?

Cybercrime in India refers to a crime done with the primary use of internet technology & computer. With the rise in cybercrime, there is an essential need to protect oneself with the help of cyber police. This can be done by filing a cyber crime complaint. This blog will help you understand how to file a cyber crime complaint in India online & offline and educate you on where to report a cyber crime in India before it is too late.
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Hacking has become common these days and cyber crime India are rising abundantly. Even the government sites are unsafe today, due to cyber crime. India has adopted many ways to prevent it.

Only if you know how to report cyber crime complaints, which is the first way to seek protection from cyber crime.

In the past years, dependency on the Internet and the use of technology grown to a vast extent and at a quick pace. Such that everything is done with a click of a button or finger tap.

Therefore, it is very important to know why and how to report a cyber crime. Since the cyber crime cell across states in India have reported a continuously increasing number. It becomes imperative to understand the safety measures and report cyber crime India.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking steps to make India digital, our lives are toggling between the dependency on technology by making things easy on one hand and on the other, leading to an increase in the instances of cyber crime.

How to deal with Cybercrime in India?

Since everything is accessible online, you can submit a cyber crime complaint online as well.

It all begins with reporting the crime to Cyber cell India. It is the cyber crime department, which deals with offline and online cyber crime complaint.

For example - You can even file a cyber crime cell complaint/cyber crime online complaint against Identity theft.

This is if someone makes a fake profile for doing illegal or unlawful activities. All you have to do is report the cyber crime investigation cell or call the cyber police first. Then make a formal complaint stating all the facts and details with all the evidence against the impersonator.

Cyber Police is a division of the police which is specifically trained and dedicated to dealing with investigations regarding matters of the technology that causes crime.

For making a cyber crime complaint online in India or offline, the government and cyber police have enabled us with a cyber crime helpline number on which you are provided with a cyber crime complaint number.

One can either simply call on the complaint number or one can choose to file online cyber crime complaint. India provides you with many provisions. To help you in the process of filling a cyber crime complaint form, you can get the appropriate legal advice from consulting expert lawyers through MyAdvo.


What is Cyber Crime?

In simple terms, cyber crimes in India are the wrongful acts or crimes done with the use of technology. There is no specific definition of cyber crime, but when any illegal or criminal activity happens using a computer as the primary means of operation, it's a white-collar crime.

The cyber cell departments are accessible in every state ready to deal with cyber complaints in India.

The division and medium of cyber crime complaint online is also under them, which you can easily report to, without entering the Police premises.

Since the numbers of reports for cyber crime complaints online or offline have been increasing heavily in India, therefore, cyber cell department and the cyber police have identified various types of cyber crimes. 

Types of Cyber Crimes in India

As per the cyber law in India, many types of cyber crimes have been identified. Out of which, the prevalent six that one often gets to hear and deal with are as follows:

  • Hacking - It is one of the most common types of cyber crime in India. When a person breaks into somebody else’s computer virtually to have access to a person’s personal and sensitive information such as banking details, email accounts etc. With everything becoming digital, it increases the risk of hacking.
  • Cyber-stalking - After hacking, the majority of reported cyber crime online complaint or cyber crime cell complaint relates to cyber-stalking. It is the crime of online harassment by way of obscene messages and generally done against women. It is similar to offline stalking just done online.
  • Cybercrime the criminal with the motive of theft - Identity In this type of syphon off the money of victim access the data of victim’s personal bank account, credit card, debit card, and other sensitive information.
  • Cyber-bullying - When the internet, mobiles or social networks is used for harassing, defame, intimidate or harass a person then it is known as cyber-bullying.
  • Cyber terrorism - When a person is being threatened for extortion or anything else then it is the crime of cyber terrorism.
  • Child soliciting and abuse - When a child is solicited by a criminal purpose with the purpose of making child pornography.

Phishing, software piracy, and denial of service attack (DOS) are some other types of cyber crime cases in India that you'll find reports about.

To report a cyber crime, you can even consult a good cyber crime lawyer. He/She can help you file a cyber crime cell complaint. Or you can call on the cyber crime complaint number, to seek appropriate help for reporting any cyber crime telephonically.

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How to Report Cyber Crime in India?

In order to give punishment for cyber crime in India, the first & foremost step is to lodge complaints against cyber crime. You can report either to the cyber police or to the cyber cell India.

The crime investigation departments have been establishing many cyber crime cells in different cities today. They take care of reporting and investigation of cyber crimes.

You can make a complaint anytime to the cyber police or crime investigation department either offline, online. Or you can even give a call at the cyber crime helpline number. The procedure of how to report a cyber crime is below:Step 1: While filing a complaint, an application letter is addressed to the head of the cyber crime investigation cell, stating the facts of the complaint along with your name, address, and contact number.

Step 2: To register the complaint, certain documents are to be attached or annexed with the complaint supporting the facts of the complaint. A list of such documents varies according to the type of cyber crime against which the complaint has to be reported.

Documents for reporting a complaint of hacking:

  • Server logs
  • A copy of the defaced web page in both soft copy and hard copy format, if the website of the victim has been defaced 
  • If the data has been hacked on either victim’s server, computer or any other equipment then a soft copy of original data as well as compromised data
  • Details of accessibility to a victim’s computer or email. This includes the names of the person who had access to the victim’s computer or email
  • If the victim suspects someone then a list of such suspects

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Documents for email abuse or vulgar emails:

  • Headers of offending email,
  • Offending email’s soft as well as hard copy,
  • Copy of offending email from your inbox
  • Offending email’s copy from your hard drive

Documents required for filing a cyber fraud complaint against the company which committed fraud or duped you online:

  • Product purchased from the company and its details
  • Date and amount of purchase
  • Details of the company such as its name, website and contact details of a company
  • Facts how the company committed fraud or duped you
  • If other people have similar complaints against the company then details of those complaints
  • Any other relevant information.

Once you have gathered all the facts and information, this helps in judging the cyber crime punishment in India for each kind of offence.

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What are the Consequences of Cyber Crime?

It is really important to know how to report cyber crime as the consequences of cyber crime are borne by the victim.

Thus, to minimise the consequences and get to the root of the matter at the earliest, it is necessary that you file cyber crime complaints. India has different processes and procedures, so the complaint should be according to the format.

You can make an Indian cyber crime complaint both online and offline, especially if the following consequences take place:

  • Revenue Loss - cyber crime done against the company results in huge revenue losses or income loss to the company. One suffers such a loss when a compromise of data on the company’s website occurs or sensitive information of the company leaks online.
  • Reputation Damage - the reputation of an organization can go haywire when its information is hacked. In most cases, where hacking occurs with the bank accounts or credit/debit cards, often customers lose trust in the organization.
  • Reduced Productivity - by implementing the security measures to neutralize the effect of cyber crime in India the employee's efficiency is generally reduced and it hampers the productivity of an organization.
  • Aftermath of Cyber Terrorism - cyber terrorism is one of the most serious cyber crime and thus affects the victim badly as it affects the significantly large number of people at once. It can weaken countries' economy greatly, thereby stripping them of its resources and making it more vulnerable to military attack. It could affect the economy by loss of money during the downtime which is a part of cyber crime strategy.
  • Impact on Society and Government - since computers have replaced the manual work in almost every field and the government also going digitized, cyber crime has its impact on government and society as well. One can witnessed in the case when some young hackers hacked the Maharashtra government’s website. This has become a cost efficient method of making money for the criminals.

To save yourself from cyber crime and to file a cyber crime complaint, India has some very efficient and good cyber crime lawyers. These can be availed through an online portal like MyAdvo.

Cyber Crime Lawyers not only help you file a cyber crime cell online complaint, they even help you in the entire investigation before the cyber police. 

After all, the cyber crime cell assists you in the entire proceeding until its disposal.

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