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How MyAdvo helped me get a Birth Certificate for my Daughter

Read the touching story of Rita and how MyAdvo helped her get a new birth certificate for her daughter when she accidentally misplaced the original one.
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Antim Amlan
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I am Rita and I am a homemaker. I resided in a tier 2 city, with my husband and my little baby girl. I had a beautiful apartment overlooking the lush green park. I used to play with my daughter all day and made cute videos of her silly baby antics to send to everyone in my family.

One day my husband came home with a piece of really exciting news - he had got a promotion at work! We were all set to fly to Gurugram in the next couple of weeks so that my husband could join as a Regional Manager in the Gurugram branch of the company.

His company was really helpful and made us feel extremely accommodated. They helped us in getting settled in the new place and also helped us in finding a house, in a good school district as my daughter would be starting her prep-school soon. We were all settled in and my husband was enjoying his new job, life seemed perfect after all. This was until I went to get my daughter admitted to a prep-school.


The school was lavish with multiple play areas, recreational rooms and even an in-house pool - where they would teach the kids to swim. We were ready to enrol our daughter and were almost about to complete the registration process when it dawned on me that during the shifting from one city to another, we had misplaced a few documents and the most important one was my daughter’s birth certificate, which I couldn’t find for the life of me.

The school wouldn’t admit her without that certificate and her classes were to start soon. I was confused as to how I can get a new birth certificate, in a completely new city and if it was even possible to get a new birth certificate in a new city. The old birth certificate was issued by the hospital my daughter was born in and we didn’t have to do much to get it. I was unsure if a new birth certificate can even be issued if someone misplaces the old one or do we, perhaps have to go back to the hospital and pull out the records from there. You can also check birth certificate 

I was in full panic mode as my daughter’s classes were about to start and if I didn't get the certificate on time, it would mean wasting her entire year. This is when my husband started Googling on how we can help the situation. He managed to find a legal consultancy online which ensured us that they would get us a new birth certificate for a nominal fee and they provided me a link to check birth certificate online status.  I was, of course, sceptical about the same as I found this hard to swallow, that a firm by just taking a few details of ours, would be able to pull this through but MyAdvo, I have to say did an outstanding job. Not only did they deliver the birth certificate before the stipulated time but their executives were with us the entire time guiding us through the process. I will surely contact Myadvo for all my legal needs and would recommend this company 10/10 for all your legal needs. Just call them and their amazing executives are there with you guiding you through the entire process.