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During the course of an employee's service, there are many aspects that can create a dispute between the employer and employee. Majority of these instances are legal in nature and require the help of an employment and labour lawyer in India.
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Swati Shalini
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During the course of an employee’s service, there are many aspects that can create a dispute between the employer and employee. The majority of these instances are legal in nature and require the help of an employment and labor lawyer in India. There are many laws relating to labor and employment in India that govern employment, employment-related disputes and legal resolution of such disputes. 

Experienced employment and labor lawyers are well-versed with this plethora of employment laws and assist employers and employees in avoiding any unwanted legal disputes and advise them about the correct legal remedy to choose for resolving their disputes.

MyAdvo is the leading legal technology company facilitating the best legal services in more than 600 cities PAN India. With an aim to make legal simple for every individual in India, MyAdvo has created a channel of 3000+ expert employment and labor lawyers to provide legal assistance in employment-related matters in even the remotest locations in India. 


MyAdvo for Employers

MyAdvo’s employment and labor lawyers can help with drafting employment policies like HR policies, sexual harassment policy, overtime policy, etc. and employment documents like Employment agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Non-Compete, and Non-Solicit Agreement, etc. Well-drafted legal documents made by experienced are the first step to avoid legal disputes between employer and employee. 

Employment lawyers in India also help companies having branches in India to comply with employment and labor laws in India by taking care of all the legal requirements in the hiring workforce by working alongside the company’s Human Resource department. 

MyAdvo connects you with the best employment lawyers across India who can assist you in disputes relating to union disputes, ESOP Scheme, retrenchment issues, etc. An employment lawyer will make sure that termination of an employee is done in a legal manner, take care of legal issues in case of whistleblowing, send a legal notice to ex-employees in case of leaking confidential information of the company and deal with the violation of company’s code of conduct by employees.

MyAdvo for Employees

For employees, it is important to seek legal advice on any issues that arise during or after their course of employment. MyAdvo’s employment lawyers can help you in getting your unpaid salary, file a case against your employer in case of wrongful termination, file a case in labor court against an employee for non-payment of incentives, severance pay or any other allowance prescribed in your employment agreement. 

MyAdvo helps in simplifying the process of hiring employment lawyers in different cities for you by providing an in-depth profile of top-rated employment lawyers in India for you to choose from. MyAdvo’s case managers understand your legal problems and connect you with the best employment lawyers near your location as per your case and budget. Need legal help with an employment dispute? Hire the best employment lawyers from MyAdvo, anywhere in India. Email us at or call now at 9811782573.