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Top 5 Reasons Why Lawyers must embrace Technology

With law and technology merging, there has been a huge rise in law jobs in the Information and Technology (IT) sector in India. Read more to know the top 5 reasons why lawyers must adopt technology.
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A profession as traditional as the legal professional can be easily affected by technology by creation of new technology-driven roles. The number of vacancies in legal departments of IT and telecommunication companies has increased, with these companies looking for tech-savvy lawyers.

Advancement in technology means law graduates as well as practicing lawyers have better opportunity to practice in legal domains like Intellectual Property Rights, Privacy Laws, Software, and Cybercrimes, etc. High-profile data privacy violation, identity thefts, and data-related crimes have generated more demand for lawyers that specialise in this field as companies have realised the need to prioritise the safety of customer and business information held by them.


Here are 5 reasons why lawyers must embrace technology in the present era of experience and information to become a good lawyer in India:

I. The Information and Technology sector needs in-house counsel which has a legal background and are able to provide up-to-date information and make sure that the company adheres to all legal compliances when launching a new product in the market. Companies require additional legal advice to ensure that they are functioning in accordance with the present corporate laws. 

Many companies follow the global route- they merge with foreign companies which function as multinational corporations in different countries. These companies need lawyers that have experience and knowledge of international laws and can guide them in expanding their business overseas.

II. To succeed in a technology-driven future, lawyers need to be innovative, understand technology, work in collaboration with other industries and professions, and have a deep understanding of their client’s needs. With a population dependent on mobile phones and other smart devices, technology innovators need to gather more personal data of their target audience. However, this needs to be done in a completely legal manner, and this is when the role of lawyers comes into the picture.

Lawyers have always relied on traditional methods and showed reluctance to change in accordance with the advancing technology. However, with the change in focus on lawyer’s needs to the needs of clients, lawyers need to adopt technology to satisfy the needs of tech savvy clients. Other industries offer high levels of customer services and clients expect the same quality of consumer support from lawyers as well. Lawyers who fail to deliver on client’s expectations often end up losing their clients and court cases.

III. Technology has reduced the cost and time taken by a lawyer to perform mundane tasks by providing an integrated solution to lawyers that manage their practice on the go. These tools enable lawyers to have access to data related to every case they manage, case updates, hearing date, and billing and invoicing. 

One of the biggest reasons for lawyers to employ technology in their practice is to provide cost-effective legal advice to clients. Clients do not care about the complexity of their legal problem. They want to hire the best lawyers at fees that suit their pockets. This makes it imperative for lawyers to use technology that saves their time and completes redundant tasks at a lesser cost.

IV. Technology has brought the world closer- lawyers must use this technology to its full potential to expand their reach so that more people are able to access legal services. Lawyers that depend upon the traditional ways of communicating with clients miss out on the ease of expanding their network through technology. Technology has opened the gates for lawyers to increase their online presence and understand the client’s legal query at a more personal level.

Clients expect to be connected with their lawyers 24*7 on any device of communication they choose, like emails, calls or messages. Innovation is no more about merely buying or incorporating technology, it is about using the correct tools to provide the best legal service that meets the client’s demands.

V. Legal research has become easier than ever! Through technology- journals, old case laws, precedents and legislation are at a lawyer’s fingertips. Legal research required to prepare for a case takes only minutes due to all the legal data readily available over the internet. The legal profession is surely disrupted by legal technology and it is the smart move for lawyers to embrace the technology. Register with MyAdvo as a Prefer Lawyer and manage your practice in a more efficient manner through MyAdvo’s Technology Solutions. To know more, email us at or call now at 9811782573.