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Trademark Search


Before applying for a trademark, it is advisable to conduct a Trademark search . Trademark search involves a thorough check of the trademark records to check whether there already exists a similar trademark in similar categories. MyAdvo will help you conduct Trademark search through expert trademark attorneys.

Steps involved in Trademark Search

Once you send in a request, a questionnaire will be provided to you to understand the details of your trademark
Trademark Search
The lawyer will conduct a thorough check of the records and databases of the Indian trademark authority to check whether there already exists a trademark similar to your trademark.
Trademark Search report

Based on the research and findings, we will share a trademark search report with you.

Required Documents

  • Filled Questionnaire

Why MyAdvo?

Pool of expert intellectual property professionals who have experience in conducting trademark searches
Dedicated case manager to provide you with timely updates
Payment is fixed in the beginning and you are not hassled later
Dedicated portal to manage your documents and communicating directly with the lawyer

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