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Provisional Patent Filing


You can safeguard your invention even before it is complete by filing a provisional patent . You can book your name against the invention by filing provisional specifications of your invention. MyAdvo will help you obtain a provisional patent through an expert patent attorney.

Steps involved grant of Provisional Patent

Non-Disclosure Agreement
We will maintain full confidentiality and secrecy of your invention. To ensure this, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.
We will provide you with a questionnaire to record details regarding your future invention; particularly potential uses of the invention across industries and likely benefits over existing products.
Checklist of documents
We will also provide list of required documents. You will be required to send scanned copies of these documents to us.
Detailed discussion
The Patent Attorney will get in touch with you to have a detailed discussion regarding your invention and understand your requirements.
Drafting of application for Provisional Patent
Based on the discussion, the Patent Attorney will draft and share the application for grant of provisional patent.
Filing of application
Post approval, the application along with documents will be filed at the Patent Office.
Acceptance of application

Upon acceptance of your application, you can legally write ‘Patent Pending’ for your invention and need not worry about confidentiality when marketing or disclosing your invention.

Required Documents

  • Application for grant of patent
  • Provisional Specifications
  • Declaration of Inventorship
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Patent Statutory fee
  • Illustrations/Drawings of the invention

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