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Before applying for a patent, a thorough check has to be done to verify whether your invention is patentable not. The patent search involves the search of the patent records to check whether there already exists a similar invention. MyAdvo will help you conduct patent search through expert patent attorneys.


Essentials of a Patent


Your invention must meet the following three requirements:

  1. Novelty: The invention must be new.
  2. Inventive step/ non-obviousness: It  must represent an adequate technical advancement.
  3. Industrial application: The invention must be capable of industrial application i.e. it must perform some function of positive benefit to society.

Hence, novelty or newness of the invention is an essential condition for a  patent to be granted. In case your invention is similar to a patented invention, your application will be rejected.

Steps involved in Patent Search

Before your Payment
After your Payment


Once you send in a request, a questionnaire will be provided to you to understand the details of your invention.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We will maintain full confidentiality and secrecy of your invention. To ensure this, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.

Patent Search

The lawyer will conduct a thorough check of the records and databases of the Indian patent authority to check whether there already exists a patented invention similar to your invention.

Patent Search report

Based on the research and findings, we will share a patent search report.

Required Documents

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Payment Structure

  • You are required to pay 75% of the fee to start the work
  • 25% is payable upon submission of the patent search report.

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Refund Policy - No Questions Asked
24X7 Customer Support
Dedicated Case Manager
Timely Delivery of Case