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Arya Samaj Marriage


Marriages in Arya Samaj Mandir are solemnized as per traditional vedic rituals. Couples looking for a simple and economical marriage can opt for Arya Samaj Marriage which can be completed within 2-4 hours.
At MyAdvo, our Arya Samaj Marriage Experts will help you solemnize the marriage and make the entire process simple for you.

Step-by-step procedure for Arya Samaj Marriage

Documents and Questionnaire

A checklist of documents/questionnaire will be provided to record your details. You will be required to send scanned copies of the documents to us.

Appointment at Arya Samaj Mandir

After vetting the documents, our Arya Samaj Expert will take an appointment at the Arya Samaj Mandir based on a mutually convenient date.

Finalisation of Documentation

On the date fixed, both partners along with two witnesses and all documents will meet our expert at the Arya Samaj Mandir for attestation and submission of documents.

Solemnization of Marriage

After completing all documentary formalities, marriage will be solemnized as per traditional vedic rituals, which typically takes around 2 hours.

Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate

After solemnization of marriage, Arya Samaj Mandir will issue your marriage certificate on the same day.

Marriage Registration and Certificate

You will be required to get your marriage registered at the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) to give it legal recognition. Click here to know more about Marriage Registration

Required Documents

The following documents are required for Arya Samaj marriage from bride and groom:

  • Proof of Date of Birth 

    • Photocopy of any one of the following - class 10th marksheet/ certificate, passport, birth certificate, PAN Card, driving license
  • Separate affidavits stating date of birth, present marital status:

    • Unmarried/widower/divorcee, affirmation that the parties are not related to each other within the degree of prohibited relationship
  • 6 Passport size photographs

  • Residential Proof

    • Photocopy of any one of the following - Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Passport, Driving License, Bank Passbook
  • Copy of divorce decree/order in case of a divorcee and death certificate of spouse in case of widow/widower

  • Additionally, one passport size photograph of each of the two witnesses

  • Photocopy of Identity Document of each of the two witnesses

    • Photocopy of any one of the following - Aadhaar Card, Driving License, NFS Ration Card, PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID Card (front and back side), Bank Passbook

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Why MyAdvo?

A pool of expert family law professionals across India who have years of experience in solemnizing arya samaj marriages
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