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Young IAS Transferred Allegedly For Improper Allocation Of Funds

State Government officials transferred IAS Deepak Kumar Meena alleging that only 2.75% of the central government funds were allocated. The funds which were received for allocation to rural development of Nashik were 300 crores by Centre and more by the State. Meena claimed that he has spent 25% of the total fund, not 2.5% which he has been accused of.

A young IAS officer has been transferred from Nashik by the Maharashtra government for not fully using the allocated fund by the Centre and State. CEO of Nashik Zilla Parishad, Deepak Kumar Meena got transferred as he could not use the allocated funds to him for the purpose of rural development and tribal development.


The allegation raised by the State Government officials on Meena that only 2.75% of the central government funds were allocated for rural development. The central government every year allocates funds for districts under various heads such as tribal development, water supply schemes, development of roads, etc. While the Centre funded INR 300 crore and the State funded more for allocating to the rural and tribal development in Nashik. Meena claimed that his transfer is not because of the non-allocation of the funds properly, rather it is a secret reason, and he is not the one to be blamed for the improper allocation, as the planning and selection of funds are done by the Zilla Parishad committee.


Meena further told that if the Zilla Parishad committee had acted on time, the projects could be implemented quickly, but the projects were approved only in December and January by the committee, leaving only a few months to continue with the projects.


He also alleged that he has spent 25% of the total fund, not 2.5% which he has been accused of.


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Reviewed by:
Rashmita Das
Published on 29-Mar-18

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