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Supreme Court Fined the Income Tax Department for Rs. 10 Lakh for Misleading the Court

Not even the IT Department could escape from the punishment this time. Read about how through a civil appeal, a misleading statement from the Income Tax Department officials was discovered by the Supreme Court of India. Appalled at the sight of IT Dept hoodwinking the top court authorities, it was imposed with a fine of Rs. 10 Lakh.

The recent order passed by the Supreme Court on Monday has imposed a fine of Rs. 10 Lakhs on the IT Department for giving the misleading statements in the Court by the Petitioner.

The Supreme Court bench comprising of Justice MB Lokur, Justice S. Abdul Nazeer and Deepak Gupta, has passed this order in respect of the petition filed by the Commissioner of Income Tax against the Judgment passed by the Allahabad High Court in August 2016.

At the very first instance, the court was of the view that the petition was filed after the unnecessary delay of 596 days and further added to the explanation that the explanation that was given for the delay in filing the petition was “inadequate and unconvincing”. Further, it was also noted that a similar matter was already pending in the Supreme Court and the old case was decided by the Court in September 2012 already. 

The court was of the view that, “the petitioners have given a totally misleading statement before this court.” It was clearly stated from the facts and circumstances that there was an inadequate delay of 596 days in filing the petition in the court and the statement that was given for the pendency of similar matter was considered as misleading.

Hence, the petition was dismissed by the Hon’ble Court and a fine of Rs. 1.0 lakhs is imposed on the IT Department for taking the matter so casually. The fine amount is to be deposited with the Supreme Court Legal Service Committee within a period of 4 weeks which will be utilized for the purpose of Juvenile Justice Issues. 


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Reviewed by:
Jyoti Yadav
Published on 29-Aug-18

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