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Summer Is Reaching, Water Supply Scarcity Knocking: Know Your Rights

The water scarcity in Delhi is really being a matter of urgency, and this is going to create a bigger issue during the Summer. Allegation raised is that Haryana is sending 330 cusec of water instead of the agreed 450 cusecs. It is a matter of the whole city, but rights you do have if only you or a handful of people suffering from this scarcity, and the authority has turned a deaf ear; let us know about them.

The chief secretaries of Haryana and Delhi is directed today by the Supreme Court to appear before the court on Monday on the complain of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) complained that it was not receiving enough water to supply to the residents of Delhi. The court said that people are dying for water but no urgency is being shown by the authority.

Delhi government informed the court that they are on talking phase with Haryana government for releasing 450 cusec of water of the Yamuna river daily for Delhi. DJB alleged that Haryana has reduced it by one third, i.e. it is supplying only 330 cusec of water instead of 450 cusec daily; which is not enough for the increased population of Delhi in recent time.

The direction of Supreme Court has been sought towards Haryana government to supply 450 cusec water daily to the Wazirabad reservoir.

Water is an important amenities which is really crucial in daily life. Let alone the issue with whole city or town, at times your society, or only few houses do not get enough water supply what they are supposed to get. It must be kept in mind the water supply may vary from place to place depending on the availability, in such situation nothing can be done. But if you are not getting enough supply which you are supposed to get, know your rights for that:

  • Right to water, rather right to access to safe drinking water is a provision under right to life under Art. 21 of the Constitution of India.
  • If you are not getting proper supply of water though you have informed the local municipal or corporation body, and they have neither been able to solve the issue nor furnish you with proper explanation, you can approach the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.
  • To complain regarding the water issue you can call on the toll free number of the Ministry of Drinking Water And Sanitation or register your complain on the websites provided by your respective state.
  • Even still your issue is not resolved, you can file a writ petition before the High Court of your state (Art. 226 of Constitution of India) or the Supreme Court of India (Art. 32 of Constitution of India)
  • If it is an issue of whole area, you can file a Public Interest Litigation for getting a proper remedy for your problem.

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Reviewed by:
Rashmita Das
Published on 20-Apr-18

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