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Step Taken Against MRP Violation By Bangalore Multiplexes: Know Your Right On MRP

Bangalore is on its way to curb the MRP violation by the multiplexes and theatres, after the verdict of Bombay High Court on the same incident. Multiplexes and theatres selling food and beverages at a higher price than MRP is a clear violation of the rules laid by Consumer Goods (Mandatory Printing of Cost of Production and Maximum Retail Price) Act 2006. Know what you can do if you are asked to pay more than the MRP for any product.

After the verdict of Bombay High Court on the high price of food in the cinema halls, Bangalore also takes this matter into consideration. The court has directed the appropriate authorities to frame a policy to streamline pricing or explore the option of allowing outside food in movie halls. There is a demand of the state authorities to take cognizance of the issue and cap on the rates of the food, which are at present sol at a higher price than MRP.

K.V. Chandrashekhar, former president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce said that charging more than MRP is illegal, but few theatre and multiplexes are violating the law which should be controlled with a strong policy by the government. M. Mamatha, the assistant controller of Karnataka Legal Metrology launched a drive against MRP violators, said that there is already provision which makes selling products at a price more than MRP illegal. Which means there is no need of new law, just a strong implementation is needed. B.T. Manohar, member of state government’s GST advisory council stated that the hotels and movie theatres are not same, the theatres do not serve the food like the hotels do, thus they cannot charge over the MRP.

It is clear that there is already a law against the violation of MRP under Consumer Goods (Mandatory Printing of Cost of Production and Maximum Retail Price) Act 2006, which says:

  • All goods available to be brought in the market for sale for the purpose of consumption, are consumer goods.
  • The cost incurred directly or indirectly by the manufacturer in the production of goods are included under the cost of production.
  • The printing means printing of cost of production and retail price at a visible place on the product in Hindi, English or in the local language where it is been sold.
  • Maximum retail price means the price at which the product can be sold in retail and the retailers cannot sell it at a price higher than that.

Anyone charged more than the MRP for any good, can take the matter to the consumer forum and get redressal, for which you can take the legal service from MyAdvo on their website or download MyAdvo App on your phone.


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Reviewed by:
Rashmita Das
Published on 07-Apr-18

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