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SC Asks the Report for over 2 Lakh Children Missing in Child Homes

The Ministry of Women and Child Development submitted a statistics for over 2 lakh children who have gone missing, and the Supreme Court is furious on the Child Care Institutions in India for this atrocity. Children are not mere numbers in the population, they have a soul that needs to be looked into as well. Supreme Court demands an explanation.

According to the survey of 2016-2017, conducted at the directions of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the Supreme Court was shocked by the data that was produced in March 2018 this year. 

According to the data, the number of children living in Child Care Institutions has anonymously decreased. Earlier it was around 4.73 Lakhs, and now it was recorded to be 2.61 Lakhs. 

The bench of Supreme Court, headed by Justice Madan B Lokur, has shown deep concern in the difference of the numbers as recorded in two surveys. Witnessing a huge difference between the two, the children are seemingly being treated as numbers. The court observed that children too have a heart and a soul, and they should not be treated as just numbers in the population of the country. The court raised the questions, “What is to be done? How long can we continue like this?

The bench comprising of Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice S. Abdul Nazeer also stated their observations made on the basis of the incidents of Muzaffarpur and Deoria. They were of the view that, if the laws were implemented in their whole spirit, such incidents would not have taken place. 

Questions were also raised on the number of funds that government takes on behalf of the welfare of the children accommodating in CCI’s. An explanation is also sought from the State Government by the counsel of Centre in this regard whether the status and data given by the State are correct or not. 

The suggestions of Advocate Aparna Bhat was also taken into consideration by the bench in regards to setting up of committees to monitor the activities and supervise the CCIs. Further, the counsel of the Centre told the Court, that he would inquire and also take instructions from the Government, whether it is prepared to have such bodies at the National and State level or not. 

Now, the matter has been listed for hearing on 28 August 2018.


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Reviewed by:
Jyoti Yadav
Published on 23-Aug-18

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