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Overspeeding Truck Kills Eight: What Law says On Overspeeding

An overspeeding truck in Madhya Pradesh killed eight persons and injured five. These unfortunate persons were travelling by an autorickshaw which was coming from other direction. They were taken to the hospital immediately and Police are investigating the incident. Let us check what punishment Indian law imposes on overspeeding vehicles and killing people in doing so.

Eight passengers in two autorickshaws died and five are injured after it got hit by a overspeeding truck near Majhgavan in Katni District of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday morning. The Police is investigating on the incident.

Katni District Collector K.V.S. Choudhry and Superintendent of Police Atul Singh stated that an overspeeding truck did hit two autorickshaws around 10 am this morning. They visited the accident location on being informed and took the injured to the hospital nearby. An official from Badwara Police Station informed that the auto rickshaws were heading to Katni from Majhgavan and the truck rushing from the other side in a high speed, did hit them and the accident occured.

Overspeeding endangers lives, let us have a look what the Motor Vehicle Act and Indian Penal Code tell about such activity:

  • If it is exceeding the prescribed speed limits, it shall impose a fine of INR 1000
  • If someone abates to overspeed, then it shall impose a fine of INR 300.
  • If the vehicle is driven in a speed exceeding 20 km/hr exceeding the prescribed speed limit, then the person shall be imprisoned for a period of six months and fine shall be imposed too.
  • If a person kills one due to this overspeeding or rash driving, then the person will be charged under sec. 304A of Indian Penal Code for committing a rash and negligent act amount to culpable homicide, and shall be imprisonment for maximum two years with or without fine.

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Rashmita Das
Published on 07-Apr-18

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