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MYADVO Uncovers the Scam of Identity Theft Worth Rs 35 Lakhs

Digital India an initiative of indian government has brought ease in doing banking transactions from simple to complex. However, digital india also poses risks of digital frauds, robbers and thieves.

Digital India an initiative of indian government has brought ease in doing banking transactions from simple to complex. However, digital india also poses risks of digital frauds, robbers and thieves.

One Such instance of a digital crime of identity theft has been witnessed in Mumbai which was exposed by the MyAdvo, a legal tech startup based in Gurgaon along with the Advocate Abhijeet Kumar. Major discrepancies were being suspected in the credit card payments and registration process by one of the NBFC client of MyAdvo. The masterminds of the instant identity theft, fraud and cheating cases are Sameer Hussain Sheikh and Rukhilya Sheikh 

MyAdvo with the help and support of its client, lawyer and police officials has laid a trap to arrest the masterminds of the properly planned identity theft crime. The efforts of MyAdvo and their Advocate have led to the red-handed arrest of Sameer Hussain Sheikh while accepting the delivery of another credit card package. The accused used to stole identity documents of other persons for the purpose of KYC and used to apply for credit card using those stolen identities.

Over 51 credit cards obtained by using false documents have been found in the possession of the main accused. The stolen KYC of different persons has been misappropriated and forged and used for applying for credit cards from different banks without the knowledge and consent of the concerned individual.

The accused during the police interrogation has admitted to the fact that he has used the fake KYC documents to obtain the credit cards from the various banks, The banks from which the accused has obtained the credit cards include SBI, TATA Capital, RBL, Andhra Bank, Kotak and Indusind. Loss of Rs 35 lakhs has been estimated in the instant identity theft scam. While Sameer Hussian Sheikh is currently in the police remand, the other accused are still absconded.

Mr. Kushal Bhagat, CEO & Co-founder of talking about this success and achievement has stated that the client is immensely happy with this breakthrough. He further stated that Advocate Abhijeet Kumar has lead the matter on behalf of MyAdvo team and the arrest of the accused is a big success for MyAdvo team.

Advocate Abhijeet Kumar has confirmed the same. He further spoke about the details of the case. He stated that he has received the instant case where a person who is just 29-year old is using the fake KYC documents to obtain credit cards and use them for his own personal gain through MyAdvo Techserve Private Limited.

Advocate Abhijeet Kumar stating the details of the trap has said that with the help of Blue Dart on 9th November had planned to trap the accused through a sting operation. The package of credit was planned to be delivered at 3 pm to the accused and the information regarding the same was given to Mr. Sonawane, an officer on duty at Malwani Police station at 10 am. Mr. Sonawane not only took cognizance of the matter but also apprised his seniors Mr. Manoj Limkar and Mr. Shinde about the same and the Senior Inspector immediately deputed a team in a civil dress to arrest the accused red-handed. The Blue Dart delivery boy went to deliver the package of credit card applied in the name of some other person along with the police officer dressed in civilian clothes but the accused did not come to collect the package himself so, the delivery boy stressed that he will deliver the package to the applicant only and not to any other person on his behalf. Then the accused asked him to come back again in an hour. On the second visit of the delivery boy to deliver the package the accused came in person to collect it and on seeing this opportunity, police in civil dress caught the accused and arrested him.

Fake Identity proofs, credit cards, debit cards were found in his possession. The police seized all the fake identity proofs, credit cards and debit cards found by them during the raids conducted by them at the house of the accused. Presently, the accused is under judicial custody after his application for bail has been rejected by the court of Metropolitan Magistrate.

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Mehak Sharma
Published on 08-Dec-17