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Maharashtra Govt. apologises to Justice Oka, withdraws application alleging bias

Maharashtra Govt withdraws its application against Justice Oka citing serious bias in the noise pollution matters

The Maharashtra Government has withdrawn its application to Chief Justice where it sought the transfer of noise pollution matter from Justice Oka’s bench to another since he was harbouring a serious bias against the government and apologised for the same.

Justice Oka admonished the state government and said that the apology was not bona fide since they did not show the order to the Chief Justice and tried to mislead the court. The Chief Justice had ordered the Registrar to show the order to the CJ which was not done. 

Members of the court and former judges, all stood by Justice Oka in this decision. The government pleaded that the application was not filed as a personal attack but only limited to the subject matter of the case. The state claimed that its intention has been misunderstood. It holds Justice Oka with highest regards, pride and esteem and has great respect for him. 

The Bombay High Court Bar passed a resolution condemning the acts of the state and the advocate general for their actions. It expressed full faith and confidence in the objectivity, impartiality and integrity of Justice Oka. 

The noise pollution petitions will now come up for hearing before the Full Bench.

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Reviewed by:
Simran Bhullar
Published on 29-Aug-17