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India-Pakistan Discussion Over Sending Medical Team For Examining Prisoners

The agreement of sending a medical team of over 20 doctors to Pakistan for medical examination of India prisoners in Pakistan for the purpose of repatriation, is an outcome of meeting between external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and Pakistan high commissioner Sohail Mahmood in October 2017. Pakistan showed a positive attitude till they blamed for harassment of Pakistani diplomats in 18 occasions in Delhi between March 7th and 9th.

India and Pakistan are on discussion of a proposal to send a team of more than 20 doctors to Pakistan to examine the Indian prisoners. These prisoners include mentally unsound, women, children, and elderly persons. They are waiting for repatriation since the countries are in a position of understanding each other.

As both the countries are discussing over the matters of visas for the doctors, but sources apprehend that Pakistan may not allow such a large team.

As there are allegations by both the countries that their respective diplomats have been bullied in Delhi and Islamabad, India has already put forward four conditions as imperative for imparting - immediate end to the harassment of Indian diplomats, unhindered movement of Indian high commissioner Ajay Bisaria even outside Islamabad, constructing Indian residential complex in Islamabad in a peaceful manner and reversal of decision to not allow Indian diplomats membership of Islamabad club. Another accusation made by India on Pakistan is that blocking Indian government websites and this has been taken to foreign ministry strongly.

It is important on the part of Indian government to get the mentally unsound prisoners to facilitate their repatriation to India. This agreement is an outcome of meeting between external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and Pakistan high commissioner Sohail Mahmood in October, last year. Sushma Swaraj proposed that both the sides must look into the matter of elderly, women, children and mentally unsound for the sake of humanitarian reasons. On March 7th, few days before the issue of harassment of diplomats came up from both the countries, India stated that Pakistan showed a positive gesture to the proposal.

This initiative was considered to be the first sign of melting the ice between the countries until it came forward that the countries had a bitter exchange over alleged intimidation of diplomats. India complained about ISI officials raid on Indian residential complex on February 15th and disconnection of water and electricity in the course of the raid, whereas Pakistan blamed that its diplomats and other staffs faced harassment on 18 occasions held from March 7th to 9th.

After much exchange of words by both the countries regarding the harassments complained about, Pakistan wishes India to sign a protocol to facilitate smooth construction work in both Islamabad and Delhi but Islamabad is not ready on the point of membership of Islamabad club.

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Rashmita Das
Published on 26-Mar-18

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