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Founders Have Made MyAdvo Reach Its Heights Today!

You know about MyAdvo and are familiar with our working style and services. Finally, let us read about the contributions and efforts that MyAdvo founders have made in reaching its heights today.

You and I are always surrounded by issues of different kinds. These can be due to:

  • relations,

  • family,

  • friends,

  • colleagues,

  • employers, or

  • because of the people that we encounter in our daily life

Some problems are rather tricky in nature, like the ones involving the law and order. However, each legal problem can be solved, only it takes time!

This can take a few days to many years, depending on who is handling the problem and how.

Unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with the legal system, the majority of the Indians often try to run away. 

This is where MyAdvo steps in to change the perspective of the Indian society. Through its team, MyAdvo tries to fulfil the goal of educating the masses about law and that too in a simple way.

We at MyAdvo make law and legal consultants accessible to you in every form and the credit for this goes to CEO & Founder, Mr Kushal Bhagat and Co-founder, Mr Anil Bains. 

While you may all know what is MyAdvo and how it works; however, one has to praise the efforts of these two founders. They have set the grounds for a company culture that looks in the direction of progress and growth.

Efforts of the Founder & Co-Founder of MyAdvo

They not only understood the challenges that one will face in setting up a legal-tech company in India but, also exploited the opportunities. The team worked on simplifying legal knowledge and practices and narrowed down your efforts for lawyer search. 

All thanks to them for paving the way for the platform to become the go-to source for all legal questions and answers. MyAdvo makes sure that you are aware of all Indian law guidelines such that no one can fool you in the name of the law.

Kushal and Anil have been putting efforts in trying to prove that MyAdvo is unlike other legal directories, by keeping the user demands and perspectives at priority.

Each lawyer listed on MyAdvo is verified, and in constant touch with the MyAdvo case managers simplifying user queries and needs.

We at MyAdvo are developing a culture where all lawyers are expert on every legal topic and domain, so as to cater to all user problems.

After all, the way to find the right lawyer near you needs us to establish a great network based on:

  • practising field,

  • lawyer's experience,

  • rating & review,

  • location and availability

MyAdvo is amidst building itself as a top legal service aggregator. It's ensuring that you don't have to be confused anymore about the law or lack in legal knowledge.

Just one click on MyAdvo, and you can send your queries on mail at or call at +91-9811782573. 

No wonder, how the founders have worked towards making legal simple. And the team is working towards one motto that - whenever you need legal help, you need MyAdvo!

Reviewed by:
Apeksha Pandita
Published on 25-Jan-19