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Centre Justifies Aadhaar Law: Know If Your Detail Has Been Misused

The centre justified before the Supreme Court that the Aadhaar law is not violating the Supreme Court's verdict on Right to privacy. The provisions of the Act are in compliance with the provision of the Article 21 of the Constitution. It also revealed that there is a provision for locking the Aadhar information online and unlock it as per the requirement of the user. It also provided an option to check whether there has been a misuse of the Aadhaar information.

On Tuesday the Centre justified the Aadhaar Act as fear and reasonable law in the Supreme Court. It claimed that the law complies with the provisions of right to privacy. Referring the Supreme Court verdict on August 24th, 2017 on the right to privacy being recognized as a fundamental right and intrinsic part of the right to life and personal liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution, and said the reasonable restrictions are imposed, and the Aadhaar Act meets such standards and adequate safeguards.

The UIDAI implemented on the exception handling mechanism, like digitally signed QR code into e-Aadhaar which allows agencies to verify the Aadhaar card in an offline manner. Responding to the necessity of Aadhaar for minor, it instructed the school officials to act as introducer when the parents consent to do so. It also clarified that there is an option for the residents to permanently lock their biometrics and unlock it temporarily when needed to biometric authentication as per regulation 11 of the Aadhaar (Authentication) Regulations 2016.

Anyways the court refused to pass an interim order beyond March 31st for linking the Aadhaar with the welfare schemes. The bench is concentrating on hearing regarding the petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar law.

If you suspect that your Aadhaar detail is being misused, you can track that following the below-mentioned procedure step by step:

  • Log in to the official website of the UIDAI
  • Click on Aadhaar Service tab > Aadhaar Authentication History
  • It will get directed to a page where you enter your Aadhaar number
  • After that click to generate OTP
  • Another new page will open and from there select the type of authentication of your choice - biometric, demographic, OTP, demographic & biometric, biometric & OTP,  demographic & OTP options or All.
  • You shall get a history detail from last seven months, you can also set a date range too.
  • Enter the OTP which is generated and click on submit.

You will receive the list of details how, when and where the Aadhaar authentication is used, and in case you find anything dubious, you can lock your Aadhar information online and unlock it whenever needed. It is also to be noted the page shall not be able to show who made the authentication requests.

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Reviewed by:
Rashmita Das
Published on 04-Apr-18

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