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Amazon India Laying Off Employees As A Part Of Global Reorganisation

Amazon India laid off 60 employees last week and is planning to lay off more as a part of the global reorganisation of the company. It is being apprehended that the layoff took place in its headquarters in Seattle in February is having an impact on this layoff in India. Though the company has assured that they are still hiring and there are around 4000 jobs available in India.

Lay off to a small section in India has been started by Amazon as part of a global restructuring by Amazon. As per sources, more are to be asked to leave after their annual appraisal. Amazon laid off about 60 employees from its recruitment team last week, and more can be followed as the company is putting 25% more employees on so-called performance improvement plans in the December quarter than last year.

Amazon stated that the layoff was a part of the company’s global process. A spokesperson asserted that as a global organisation, they recognised the need for organizing the team to keep it agile and to use the resources optimally. This initiation has impacted a small number of roles within the company and they are providing a complete support to the impacted employees including the opinion of relevant internal postings and outplacement services. He also added that Amazon is still hiring for multiple roles and currently has 4000 job openings in the country.
Reports say that Amazon’s move to layoff hundred employees at its headquarters in Seattle impacted on its business in India.

Daniel Ives, chief strategy officer at New York-based market research firm GBH Insights said that it is a part of a global reorganisation as Amazon and Bezos look to strategically deploy resources into high growth and priority areas to further drive the consumer flywheel over the coming years.

Layoff is the procedure of suspension or termination of employment either with notice or without notice by the employer or management. This is the process which is followed by the company to cope up with the issues like lack of work, cash or material.


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Reviewed by:
Rashmita Das
Published on 03-Apr-18

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