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MyAdvo has a wide network of 200+ experienced immigration lawyers in Mumbai. Select your city and connect to the best immigration lawyers in Mumbai- It’s that simple! Hire the best immigration lawyer in Mumbai to apply for any type of visa- family, student, business or work visa, or for PR status in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada or Dubai. Call MyAdvo and talk to a casemanagertalk to a case manager at +919027217218 to get assistance about your immigration requirements and hire a top rated immigration lawyer in Mumbai. 

You need to hire an immigration lawyer in Mumbai who can offer you an honest assessment of your application’s chances of approval. The Top immigration lawyer in Mumbai can also assist you in case your prior application has been rejected and you need to reapply for a visa. An immigration lawyer in Mumbai can also deal with issues like deportation, error in visa application and filing the application with the correct authority.

There are 3 types of immigration- PR, Business and Student Immigration. If you wish to live abroad or take your family member abroad with you, you can apply for a PR status or family visa; If you want to emigrate abroad for business or work purposes, you can apply for business visa; If you want to get education in a foreign country, you can apply for student visa. You can hire an immigration lawyer in Mumbai to get a clear picture of different formalities and procedure of applying for immigration.

A person can immigrate to a foreign country if they obtain a visa offered by the country. To apply for a visa according to the purpose of your immigration you need to hire an immigration lawyer in Mumbai. Different countries offer various types of visa on the basis of the purpose of a person’s visit. A visa for tourism purpose is different from a visa for business purposes. 
There are a number of applications required to be submitted in a correct manner to the immigration authorities. Therefore, an experienced immigration lawyer in Mumbai can provide assistance in filing an application for a visa, green card or permanent residency.