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MyAdvo is committed to provide transparency in the legal industry. Our co-founders began this organisation with a view to provide hassle-free legal services to a common man who has no knowledge about the law. MyAdvo has a wide network of 500+ expert employment and labour lawyers in Mumbai. You can connect to the best employment and labour advocates in Mumbai according to your requirement, budget and location, just by selecting your city on our website!

Get expert legal advice from employment and labour lawyers through 24*7 support service from MyAdvo’s efficient case managers. Talk to our case manager at +919027217218 to hire the best employment and labour lawyers in Mumbai to file or defend an employment and labour case in Mumbai.

Pricing is a big factor which comes into consideration before filing any case in a court. When it comes to matters that involve the dispute of your employment, it is best to hire that lawyer who will understand your financial situation and will represent your case in the best interest. The aggregate cost to file an employment case in Mumbai for matters like unpaid salary, wrongful termination, workplace harassment, union disputes, etc. would  vary from case to case.

Through MyAdvo, you can get the assurance that your case will be represented by the best employment lawyer within a reasonable budget that will definitely suit your pocket. To know more, talk to your case manager at +919027217218.

Matters relating to labour disputes, unpaid salary and undue termination can be referred to the Office of Labour Commissioner of Mumbai area. CGIT-cum-Labour Court located at Mumbai, Maharashtra hears appeals against the Labour Commissioner. 

According to employment and labour laws of India, every employee is known as a “workman”. Therefore, to file a case against your employer for inadequate compensation, wrongful termination or any other internal dispute in the organisation, it is important to know that you fall under the definition of “workman”. The labour laws are vast and complex and to understand the exact procedure, it is best to hire an experienced lawyer in Mumbai who is also an expert in labour and employment laws.

The procedure to file an employment cases in Mumbai is simple. You have to hire best employment and labour lawyers and file a case at the Labour Court of Mumbai area. The court will review the application and will accept or reject on the grounds specified therein. If the case is accepted, then the court will announce a date of hearing and the proceedings will begin after notifying the other party.

Employment matters are really sensitive since a person’s lifestyle depends upon the income he/ she earns, therefore no risk should be taken when involved in an employment matter. Consult our case managers and find best employment lawyers to help you get justice.