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Wrongful Termination


If your employer has wrongfully terminated you, you can file a case against him in civil court/labour court for wrongful termination and breach of employment agreement. MyAdvo will help you draft and file the petition through an expert employment lawyer.

Before filing the case, sending a legal notice to the employer acts as a final warning. In case the dispute is still not resolved, you should then file the case against employer for wrongful termination of employment. To send a legal notice, please click here.

Steps involved in a wrongful termination case


Once you book the service, our representative will connect with you within 24 working hours to understand your case and requirements.

Document Verification

You will be required to send scanned copies of documents pertaining to the employment and termination for verification by a lawyer.

Petition Drafting

The lawyer will draft and share petition with you for review and approval.

Sending Petition Copy

Once you approve the draft, you will have to print the petition on legal size paper and send signed copy to us along with required documents.

Petition Filing

Upon receipt of the signed copy, the lawyer will file the Petition in Court.

Admission Hearing

The lawyer will make preliminary arguments before the court and get the case admitted. A notice will be issued to opposite party to file the reply.


The employer will file a reply to your petition.


After perusing the reply, if required, the lawyer will draft and file a rejoinder.

Hearing and Arguments

The Court will conduct hearings in the matter and examine the evidence presented before it. MyAdvo will keep you updated on the status of your case.

Decision by court

The Court will state its decision by delivering a judgment.

Required Documents

  • Employment agreement
  • Job offer letter
  • Copy of Legal Notice
  • Termination/resignation letter
  • Any written/ recorded communication with the employer regarding the matter
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