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Reply to Notice of Trademark Objections


In case an objection is raised to your application for registration of trademark by the Registrar of Trademarks, you are required to submit a written response within one month. After considering your response, the Trademark Office may clear the objection or may direct you to appear for a personal hearing. MyAdvo will help you draft and file reply to the objection through an expert trademark lawyer.

Steps involved in Filing Reply to Trademark Objections

Once you book the service, our representative will connect with you within 24 working hours to understand your case and requirements.
Document Verification
You will be required to send scanned copies of documents pertaining to the trademark application and objections received for verification by a lawyer.
Reply Drafting

The lawyer will draft and share the reply for your review and approval.

Sending reply Copy

Once you approve the draft, you will have to print the reply and send signed copy to us.

Reply Filing

Upon receipt of the signed copy, the reply will be filed at the office of the Registrar of Trademarks.

Case Updates

MyAdvo will keep you updated on the status of the application till the time it is disposed off.

Required Documents

  • Filing Receipt

  • Trademark Examination Report

Why MyAdvo?

Pool of expert trademark lawyers who have experience in dealing with removal of trademark objections
Step-by-step update through the case lifecycle
A-Z guarantee which covers cost of changing the lawyer in the rare case of any concern
Dedicated portal to manage your case documents and communicating directly with the lawyer
Payment is fixed in the beginning and you are not hassled later

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Provisional Patent Filing

You can safeguard your invention even before it is complete by filing a provisional patent. You can book your name against the invention by filing provisional specifications of your invention. MyAdvo will help you obtain a provisional patent through an expert patent attorney.

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Patent Filing-PCT


Filing application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT) allows you to file patent applications in other countries who are party to PCT in around 30 months of application for patent filing in India and you can claim priority date of first patent filing application, i.e. patent application in India.

MyAdvo will file the application under PCT on your behalf through an expert patent attorney and provide regular updates to you.

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Patent Search

Before applying for a patent, a thorough check has to be done to verify whether your invention is patentable not. The patent search involves the search of the patent records to check whether there already exists a similar invention. MyAdvo will help you conduct patent search through expert patent attorneys.


Essentials of a Patent


Your invention must meet the following three requirements:

  1. Novelty: The invention must be new.
  2. Inventive step/ non-obviousness: It  must represent an adequate technical advancement.
  3. Industrial application: The invention must be capable of industrial application i.e. it must perform some function of positive benefit to society.

Hence, novelty or newness of the invention is an essential condition for a  patent to be granted. In case your invention is similar to a patented invention, your application will be rejected.

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Copyright Filing

Getting a Copyright on your creative work enables you to exclusively use your intellectual property for commercial purposes and restricts others from using it without your permission. MyAdvo will file the application under the copyright act, 1957 on your behalf through an expert intellectual property lawyer and provide regular updates to you.

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Trademark Filing

A trademark is a “brand name” or “logo” that helps you protect the identity of your business. To restrict others from using your brand name or logo, MyAdvo will help you register your trademark through an expert trademark attorney.

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Geographical Indication-GI Filing

Association of producers of goods can file a Geographical Indication(GI) application to protect agricultural, natural or manufactured goods that have some qualities that are attributable to its place of origin.

At MyAdvo, we will file an application for registration of Geographical Indication(GI) on your behalf and will provide regular updates to you.

3 reviews

Industrial Design Filing

If you have created new shape, configuration, surface pattern, ornamentation or designs composed of lines and colors that appeal to eyes, you can register it as Industrial Design if the design is used for industrial production.

MyAdvo will file the application for Industrial Design registration on your behalf through an expert Intellectual Property lawyer and provide regular updates to you.

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Final Patent Filing

A patent gives you an exclusive right to market and sell your invention for a limited period of time. MyAdvo can assist  you getting a patent for your invention through an expert patent attorney.

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Trademark Search

Before applying for a trademark, it is advisable to conduct a Trademark search. Trademark search involves a thorough check of the trademark records to check whether there already exists a similar trademark in similar categories. MyAdvo will help you conduct trademark search through expert trademark attorneys.

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