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Public Interest Litigation(PIL) Filing

If you are aggrieved by an act of the government, or governmental body, you may file a public interest litigation. The two major conditions are that you should not be personally interested in the matter, and the matter should be in the interest of a large portion of the society. MyAdvo will help you find an expert lawyer and will help manage the case lifecycle.

Steps involved in Public Interest Litigation (PIL)
Consultation with Lawyer
You will be required to explain all the details of the matter with the lawyer.
Document Verification
Upon consultation, the lawyer will apprise you of the documents required. You will be required to send clear scanned copies of documents pertaining to the matter for verification by a lawyer.
Writ Petition Drafting
The writ petition will be drafted and shared with you for review and approval within 7 days of receiving the documents.
Signed Draft
You are required to print the draft on legal size paper, sign and send it to us via courier/ post.
Filing of Suit
The writ petition will be filed before the High Court/Supreme Court.
First Hearing
The lawyer will present preliminary arguments before the court to explain the matter to the judge
Reply Affidavit
Upon presentation of arguments by the lawyer, the Court will ask the opposite party to file its reply (n the form of a reply affidavit).
Rejoinder Affidavit
After perusing the Reply, the Court will ask the lawyer to file a reply to the reply (in the form of a rejoinder affidavit).
Final Order/Judgment
The Court, upon hearing the arguments, will grant a writ (direction) in the matter, if it finds that the PIL filed is in public interest and positively affects the public.
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Pool of expert lawyers who have experience in dealing with public interest litigations

Step-by-step update through the case lifecycle

A-Z guarantee which covers cost of changing the lawyer in the rare case of any concern

Dedicated portal to manage your case documents and communicating directly with the lawyer

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