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If you have any grievance relating to insurance policy, settlement of claim or services rendered by  an insurance company, you can file a complaint before the Insurance Ombudsman. Insurance Ombudsman is appointed by the government to resolve insurance related issues arising between the insurer and the insured. MyAdvo will help you draft and file complaint through an expert insurance lawyer and will manage your case lifecycle.

Steps involved in filing a Complaint before Insurance Ombudsman

Before your Payment

After your Payment


Once you book the service, our representative will connect with you within 24 working hours to understand your case and requirements.

Document Verification

You will be required to send scanned copies of documents pertaining to the insurance policy for verification by a lawyer.

Petition Drafting and Filing

The lawyer will draft and share complaint with you for review and approval. Once you have approved the draft, the lawyer will file your complaint before Insurance Ombudsman.

Reply from the insurance company

The Insurance Company will be supplied with a copy of the complaint and directed to file its reply within 14 days.

Adjudication of the complaint

Based on the reply of the Insurance Company, the following two situation may arise -  

  • Claim Settlement: The Insurance Ombudsman will settle the claim and state its decision.
  • Mediation: If the Insurance Ombudsman fails to settle the claim, mediation proceedings will be conducted between the insurer and the insured.

Case Updates

MyAdvo will keep you updated on the status of your complaint till the time it is disposed off.

MyAdvo Assurance
100% Refund Policy
‘No questions asked’
Verified Lawyers
All the lawyers are thoroughly vetted with valid Bar Council ID
Fixed Quotes
No price-hassles later
Dedicated Case Manager
A personally-assigned Case Manager for timely updates of your case proceedings
100% Confidentiality
Your personal details are kept absolutely confidential

Payment Structure

  • You are required to pay 40% of the case fee to start the work
  • 30% is payable after the suit is admitted by the court
  • Remaining 30% is to be paid before the final hearing of the case

Required Documents

  • Copy of proposal form

  • Copy of Insurance Policy

  • Copy of Claim Form

  • Receipt of insurance premium paid

  • Any relevant communication/ correspondence sent to the Insurance Company

  • Any relevant communication/ correspondence received from the Insurance Company

  • Any other relevant document pertaining to the Insurance policy or issue at hand

Frequently Asked Questions

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