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Impounded Vehicle Release


While investigating a motor offense, police authorities may seize or recover the motor vehicle and keep the same in its possession till the pendency of criminal trial/ investigation. In order to get the vehicle released pending investigation, you can file an application to seek release of your vehicle by superdari. MyAdvo will help you draft and file the application for superdari through an expert lawyer and will help manage the case lifecycle.

Steps involved in Release of Impounded Vehicle - Superdari

Documents and Questionnaire

A checklist of documents and a questionnaire will be provided to record your details.

Document Verification

You will be required to send clear scanned copies of documents pertaining to the impounded vehicle for verification by a lawyer.

Application Drafting

The application to seek release of your vehicle by superdari will be drafted and shared with you for review and approval within 7 days of receiving the documents.

Filing of Application

The application will be filed before the relevant ccourt within 3 days.

Hearing and arguments

The court will give its direction and may impose conditions on the release of the vehicle and require you to furnish a superdari bond MyAdvo will keep you updated on the status of your case.

Superdari Bond and Court Order

After the superdari bond is accepted by the court, an order to release your vehicle is given by the court.

Release of Impounded Vehicle

The lawyer will accompany you with the Court order and present it before the police authorities and get your vehicle released.

Required Documents

  • Vakalatnama

  • Copies of documents of title of the property/ vehicle and also take along the original for being shown to the court

  • The ids including driving license of the owner

  • Superdari bond. The owner of the vehicle or property can also authorise any other person to file such an application before the court on his behalf by complying with all the directions issued by the court by filing an authority letter along with the application

Why MyAdvo?

Pool of expert lawyers who have experience in getting vehicles released on Superdari bond
Step-by-step update through the case lifecycle
A-Z guarantee which covers cost of changing the lawyer in the rare case of any concern
Dedicated portal to manage your case documents and communicating directly with the lawyer
Payment is fixed in the beginning and you are not hassled later

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