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IDENTITY THEFT: Protect what matters the most!

It’s comical to watch in a movie where one person takes over another’s life by stealing his identity, but it is nothing less than a horror in reality! Presently, identity theft is more common than ever before, owing to the dawn of the internet, presence of social media and the ever increasing reach of technology and digitalisation. 

“Identity” exists in a person’s name, bank account details, date of birth, photograph, address or any other such information that exclusively belongs to a particular person. Identity theft is carried out to make monetary gains using another person’s details without their consent. It is a kind of crime where the criminal conceals his own identity and poses to be someone else.

It is dangerous because of the silent and fraudulent nature of this crime; you never know when you might become a target to someone’s misdeeds. At any given point of time there may be a person deciding whether or not to steal your identity, looking for a way to steal sensitive information and the perfect opportunity to do so. The motive behind these acts can be to make monetary gains, create terrorism, etc. and eventually cause loss to the victim.

Section 66C of the Information Technology Act, 2000 has made identity theft a punishable offence which invites imprisonment for a term of three years and/or a whopping amount of one lakh rupees as fine.


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