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HACKING: Be-aware of the malware!

Internet can be a boon or a bane, depending upon the user. While majority of you are busy creating strong passwords and ensuring security for your password protected accounts and websites, there is a section of people constantly trying to break through this security and commit a breach.

Hacking essentially means an act of forcefully gaining access into someone’s private data without their consent. The person who commits an act of hacking is called as a ‘hacker’. The purpose of hacking differs since a hacker may hack just for fun or to gain access to confidential data or may want to alter the data present therein.

Hacking of a computer system is a punishable offence under the law which invites punishment of upto 3 years in prison and/or fine only if the intention of the hacker is to cause loss or damage to the owner of the information that has been hacked into.


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