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Lawyer Service for Gift Deed Registration


The property or asset owner can transfer ownership to any related or unrelated person without any financial payment through a gift deed. MyAdvo will help you draft and register the gift deed through an expert lawyer.


Requirements to draft the Gift Deed

  • Date and place where the deed is documented
  • Donor's details (name, date of birth, father's name and address)
  • Donee details (name, father's name, date of birth and address)
  • Relationship of donor and donee
  • Reason for gifting the property
  • Description of property being gifted

Steps involved in transfer of property by way of Gift Deed

Drafting of Gift Deed
The lawyer will understand the requirements, verify documents related to your property and draft a Gift Deed for your review, within 3 working days.
Stamp duty and registration charges
The lawyer will pay the stamp duty and registration fees, which will differ as per the value of property being gifted and the state in which gift deed is being registered.
Appointment with the Registrar
The lawyer will take an appointment with the Sub-Registrar for a date convenient to you.
Registration of Gift Deed
On the date fixed, the donor and the donee along with two witnesses will have to present themselves at office of the Sub-Registrar to sign the Gift Deed and get it registered.

Required Documents

  • Identity Proofs of: donor, donee and two witnesses (photocopy of any one of the following will suffice - Voter ID card, passport, driving license, aadhar card, PAN card)
  • Photocopy of ownership document of the property being gifted. 

Why MyAdvo?

Pool of expert property lawyers who have experience in drafting and registration of Gift Deeds

Dedicated case manager to provide you with timely updates

Payment is fixed in the beginning and you are not hassled by the lawyer

Dedicated portal to manage your case documents and communicating directly with the lawyer

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Property Due Diligence to Minimize Risks

Before investing in a property, it is highly recommended to get a due-diligence conducted of the property to minimize risks. MyAdvo can assist in conducting due diligence of the property through expert diligence professionals.


Types of Due Diligence

Depending upon the nature of the transaction and the property involved, due diligence can be either:

1.    Full Search (tenure of search is usually between past 30 years to 99 years)

  • Recommended for sale, resale, long term lease transactions and transactions that involve obtaining financial loans against the property.

2.    Limited Search (tenure of search is restricted to past 15 years)

  • Recommended for short term rental/lease transactions.

The diligence for both the methods involves a rigorous search of all components of a real estate property and carried out comprehensively. The only difference being the tenure for which the search is done.

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Legal Heir Certificate

When a family member passes away, the legal heir of the deceased can apply for a legal heir certificate. The certificate is used for inheriting property left behind by the dead person. It is also used for claims of insurance, retirement benefit, pension, gratuity and provident fund. MyAdvo will help you obtain legal heir certificate through an expert lawyer.

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