FAULTY SERVICE: Unsatisfied with a service

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FAULTY SERVICE:Unsatisfied with a service? You can sue!

Faulty services’ or deficient services are those which are not performed with due care and diligence by the service provider. A service can be termed faulty or deficient if the service provider has failed to fulfill the promises made or caused undue damage to the product that could have been avoided by him  if he had shown reasonable care.

In case of after-sales services, such faulty service can  cause further damage to the product which can either be repairable or irreparable.

The faulty service can also cause harm or damage to the consumer either monetarily or physically. For instance, you approach a Mobile service centre with your mobile phone for some minor repairs regarding the blinking- display of your device. The centre takes the custody of your phone and hands it over to you the next day but the display completely vanishes.

Be it servicing of a car  or your mobile phone, it is not necessary that the service provider always repairs it perfectly. You might have encountered a not-so-fulfilling experience at least once in your lifetime- which might have made you swear that you’ll never ever get any other service from that particular service provider!

This can be better explained by the way of following illustrations-

  • If a medical expert or doctor failed or neglected to provide you due care and you suffer from injury or ill-health due to such negligence.
  • A Chartered Accountant handling your taxes faults in calculations and you are made to pay a fine.
  • A builder failed to deliver your flat’s possession on time or used low-grade material to build your dream house and cracks appear here and there.

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