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Reply - PF / ESI Notice


In case you have received a show cause notice from the authority regulating Provident Fund (PF) or Employees’ State Insurance (ESI), you must submit your reply detailing the correct facts and circumstances of the matter.  MyAdvo will help you draft and send the reply to PF/ ESI notice through an expert lawyer.

Steps involved in sending reply to PF/ ESI Notice

Once you send in a request, our representative will get in touch with you to understand your requirements.
You will be required to send us scanned copy of the show-cause notice along with all other relevant documents.
Expert Assignment
As per your requirements, we will connect you to an expert lawyer.
Drafting Reply to PF/ ESI Notice
Within 3 to 4 working days, the lawyer will prepare the draft reply to the PF/ ESI Notice and share it for your review and approval.
Reply Dispatched
Once you approve the draft, the lawyer will send the reply on his letterhead.

Why MyAdvo?

Pool of expert lawyers having vast experience in the domains of Provident Fund (PF) and Employees’ State Insurance (ESI)
Dedicated case manager to provide you with timely updates
Payment is fixed in the beginning and you are not hassled later
Dedicated portal to manage your case documents and communicating directly with the lawyer

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Compliance Audit

In the course of a business, there are a number of laws and legislations which you have to comply with to ensure smooth-functioning of your organisation. MyAdvo will connect you to a compliance expert who will check compliance of the legal provisions applicable to your organisation including company, economic and corporate laws.

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ESI Returns Filing

For all employees earning monthly wages of Rs. 21,000/- or less, the employer contributes 4.75% and the employee must contribute 1.75% of the employee’s income towards ESI. After making the contribution, the employer is required to file half-yearly and annual ESI returns. MyAdvo will help file ESI returns for your business through an ESI expert.

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Employees' Provident Fund Registration

As per the Employees' Provident Fund Act, any organization with over 20 employees is required to register with the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation. The employer and employee have to equally contribute 12% of the employee's basic salary to the Provident Fund account. MyAdvo will help you obtain PF Registration through a Provident Fund expert.

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Employee State Insurance(ESI) Registration

Employees' State Insurance (ESI) is a social security and health insurance provision available to employees of the organized sector. Typically, any business employing more than 10 persons is required to be registered with the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).  MyAdvo will help you obtain ESI registration for Employer and Employees through an ESI registration expert.

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Statutory Compliance in HR

Employment laws are dynamic in nature and there are various legislations that are to be complied with. To ensure timely and effective compliance of laws governing Human Resource of an organisation, MyAdvo will handle all HR Compliances related to your organisation through an expert HR professional.


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Financial Audit Assessment

Financial Audit is an independent assessment of an organisation's financial reports, statements and balance sheets. MyAdvo will connect you to a financial audit expert who will check for the accuracy and tenability of the data presented in the financial reports of your organisation.

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Provident Fund Return Filing

The employer and employee have to equally contribute a percentage of the employee's basic salary to the Provident Fund account. After making the contribution, the employer must file the Provident Fund (PF) returns before the 25th day of every month. MyAdvo will help file ESI returns for your business through an ESI expert.

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