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DATA THEFT: Let’s understand Data Theft!

Ever had highly confidential data stolen? You ought to read this! 

Data is a valuable asset in the modern world of Information Technology. The songs in your laptop, your pictures in your phone or the login details you use for Internet banking, all constitute data. Data theft happens when computer based information is stolen from various devices by using hacking methods. The information stored online on Company databases is extremely prone to be stolen, and the forbidden act is mostly carried out by the most trusted resources. Sensitive information is easily available, making it more prone to theft. As is widely known - Technology breeds insecurity.

Whenever a person illegally downloads, copies or extracts any data from a computer without the permission of owner of such information, it is called ‘data theft’.

These thieves access a person’s or business’s data for monetary gains, blackmailing, spying or any such illegal purposes. For any kind of business, “data” is highly sensitive and includes confidential information such as trade secrets, acquisition plans, financial data, supplier and customer information, etc. For an individual, sensitive data shall refer to personal information such as name, address, date of birth, ID card number, bank account details etc.


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