Topics on Court Marriage that can help for an Informed Decision.

COURT MARRIAGE: Put a ring on it!

First of all, congratulations on finding your better-half! Since you’ve finally decided to bell the cat- well, we’re here to help! A marriage is not only the union of two souls but, a lifelong commitment. To embark on a smooth journey, you need to comply with the legal provisions too.

‘Court marriages’ used to be an alternative for love birds who wanted to keep their marriage a modest affair or were marrying without the assent of their families! Now, however, court marriage registrations are a mandatory requirement for a marriage to be considered legal. Unlike a traditional marriage which is legalised by the law through the respective statute based on customs and traditions of a particular religion, court marriage receives backing from the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

The Act has enunciated the concept of a court marriage. It is important to be aware of the essential conditions, requirements and the procedure given under the law in order to get married legally.


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