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If your partner is not willing to end the marriage and give a divorce, you need to file a contested divorce petition in Court. MyAdvo will help you obtain divorce from your partner through an expert divorce lawyer.

Before initiating divorce proceedings, sending a legal notice to your partner serves as a final warning. In case the partner is agreeable to divorce, both of you can then file a joint petition for mutual divorce. However, if the divorce is not agreeable, you should then file the divorce petition individually. To send a legal notice, please click here.

Steps involved in a Contested Divorce case

Before your Payment

After your Payment

Questionnaire and requirements

Once you finalize the service, we will provide you a questionnaire/ checklist of documents to capture your details. Our representative will also connect with you within 24 working hours to understand your case and requirements.

Drafting of divorce petition and approval

The lawyer will draft and share the divorce petition for your review and approval.

Dispatch of documents

You will be required to send the signed copy of the petition along with required documents to us.

Filing the divorce petition

The petition along with relevant documents will be filed in the appropriate family court.

Notice and reply

After the divorce petition is filed, the court will send notice to your spouse. Your spouse will be required to file a written statement in response within 30 days.


The court will conduct hearing in the matter which will include examination & cross examination of witnesses, perusal of documents and arguments.


Based upon submissions of both the parties, court will announce its decision and record the terms and conditions of the divorce.
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Your personal details are kept absolutely confidential

Payment Structure

  • You are required to pay 40% of the case fee to start the work
  • 30% is payable after the petition is admitted by court Remaining
  • 30% is to be paid before the date of second hearing (appearance after reconciliation period)

Required Documents

  • Address proof of you and your partner (photocopy of any of the following documents will suffice: passport, voter id card, aadhar card, driving license)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Photographs of the marriage ceremony
  • Proof that both partners have been living separately since a period of one year (for e.g. - delivery receipts of products, utility bills – gas, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Proof that all attempts to reconcile have failed. (for e.g. – invoice/ bill of a marriage counseling session, copy of correspondences – email, letter, etc.)
  • Income tax statements of both partners for the last 3 years.
  • Proof of date of birth (photocopy of any of the following documents will suffice: passport, voter id card, aadhar card, driving license, class 10 passing certificate)

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